Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

1e2040dfb7c612715609512ef9c4ac104db4d40575be1beda120d94e6fe2e4e1This is a blog about culture, politics, art, and poetics. It was started by Christian Patterson in September 2018. It’s a blog about the present moment, but it’s not really about news, it’s about things throughout history, which sometimes involve the news, but in ways that’s not conventionally reported as news.

I have had three blogs in the past. My first “blog” was an “a e s t h e t i c” blog on tumblr called Neocrypt, where I posted a distinct type of underground artificial environments. The next blog was my medium page “a convenience store inside a casino”. This was originally just a place for me to dump things that I wrote that fit the website’s form. But I didn’t update it consistently, and it was more for me than anyone. Finally, I ran a blog called “People’s Sickle” for about a month and a half earlier this year. It was a far leftist blog that added snarky, Marxist commentary to news. A month and a half isn’t very impressive, except I posted almost every day, and some of those posts were pretty bulky.

All three of those blogs ended for several reasons. And now that I have experience writing a blog in multiple different contexts, this one functions as a synthesis of all those lessons I learned. Not only that, but it’s a synthesis of the other blogs, in terms of content:

1. It will feature a lot of images and hopefully some videos. It will be about subterranean capitalist artifice (take that as loosely figurative as you want).

2. It will be my personal thoughts about culture and everyday experiences, like Andy Rooney but more analysis and less mundane. It’s still a leftist political blog, but some other topics include video games, sitcoms, poetry, urban design, memes, reality tv, books, pro wrestling and the the internet.

3. It will be Marxist in political perspective, and irreverent about the state of the world. Sometimes that will include explaining Marxist theory, analysis from a Marxist perspective, but more generally just writing about politics from my own perspective, which happens to be very materially and historically focused. And even though I’m an American, and will frequently write about American topics, I will always try to approach things from the most cosmopolitan, non-American centric perspective as possible.

4. It’s not only Marxism though, but in terms of writing about news and politics, that will frequently be the perspective. Some other theorists who may come up though, include Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Benjamin and the critical theorists, Derrida, Baudrillard, Deleuze and Guattari, Agamben, and more. You get the idea.

I could say more, but this should give you the idea of what this blog will be about.

I plan on posting at least 10 times a month — probably every Friday, and then one or two times throughout the week. I never plan on dipping below 10 posts a month. And finally, even though this blog is starting as my personal blog, it isn’t intended to be mine. I would like to solicit others to contribute in the future, and the only way I see this blog as mine is I made it, and had a general vision for what type of content and aesthetic I’m going for. Other than that, welcome to the underground mall!


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