The Gripe Corner #1 – Movie Theaters

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

I went to the movie theatre the other day. As I bought the tickets, it hit me: why do they have the glass that separates the ticket sellers? I get that it’s movie theatre tradition, but there’s lots of traditions we don’t follow. Why are they so removed from us? Is it for robbery purposes? There are banks that have less security than movie theaters. Has anyone ever tried to rob a movie theatre? It seems like a weird place to rob.

Also, now they have you pre-select your seat when you go to the theatre. I was first exposed to that at those small, fancy movie theaters, with 12 seats, food service and a bar. Now you select a seat in your regular, old movie theater. Another feature they’ve borrowed from the fancy movie theaters is their bars. When they add a bar to your regular, crappy movie theater, it doesn’t feel fancier, it feels more like a bowling alley!

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