New Poetry Ebook – “Lord Forgive Me”

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

cover of the ebook

Download link here, for free:

I used to write a lot of scattershot poetry. I would write and write and write, until I struck something that I thought I was strong. Then, I would release a tremendous amount of ebooks that were collections of the poems I didn’t have anything else to do with.

Now, I’ve been working on the same poetry manuscript for a couple years, and so I haven’t been generating the same large stream of content. But this book is that, hence the title “Lord Forgive Me (It’s Time to go Back to the Old Me)”.

Originally, this was going to be part of my current, long manuscript, but it didn’t fit the tone very well. The style is like a stream of free association and sidetracks. It has the type of pacing and style of a very intense Twitter timeline. It has little continuity, and forces the reader to bounce around. Because of this, I feel the text has an interesting effect of almost forcing the reader to skim, skip, and read out of order, to avoid being overwhelmed by the text.

Hope you enjoy! Again, here’s the link to a free download:

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