New ebook – The Tranquil Garden

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Before I get to the book, I just want to say that even though I’m not posting as frequently on this blog anymore, there’s a few reasons for that: 1. I have a bad habit of starting new posts before finishing others. I have just as many drafts as I do actual posts here. 2. I’ve been making longer, more substantial posts. And 3. as a consequence of both of those, I have a lot of long, close-to-finished posts that I’m wrapping up. You will be seeing more content here in the future.

But now for the big news, I released a new ebook that you can download here FREE.

The book is about 30 pages long. It was actually written a few years ago, and several of the poems were already published online.

I have been looking for a place to get it published for awhile, because this is some of my better material, and I was a little bit precious about where it went.

But after being declined, and having to trim it down to fit people’s page requirements, I realized I’d rather just release it in the form I want it to be.

So, again, it’s free, 30 pages of well thought-out poetry. Again, the link is here.

And finally, if you’re curious about some of the poetry in it, but don’t yet want to commit to a download, here are some poems from it that were published elsewhere:

“Fountain of Dreams” published on Briars Lit

Four untitled poems published on Fog Machine


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