The Society Show with Christian Patterson Episode 3

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

The third episode of my podcast “The Society Show” is now available on many platforms. I will link to those below.

For those who haven’t listened before, it’s not a conventional podcast. It’s where I take clips from other podcasts, interviews, tv shows, etc, and insert morning zoo style sound drops, free associative clips, and other audio manipulations. The result is something like a sound collage utilizing the radio/podcast format.

My third episode is a clip from The Majority Report with Sam Seder, the popular progressive talk radio-style podcast. The context is anti-Russiagate journalist came on as a guest, after calling Sam Seder out for Russiagate journalists. It begins contentiously, but as Michael Tracey continues to avoid Seder’s questions, and Tracey gets increasingly indignant and spicey, it gets even more heated.

Here are links:

iTunes / Spotify / Soundcloud / Anchor / Youtube / Google / Breaker / Overcast / Pocket Casts / Radio Public / RSS

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