Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-10-18

Curated list of the recent news you should know!

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

This is a new post series for this blog. I have been focusing on longer, more theoretical posts. Because of that, I’ve been posting less frequently. But I’m constantly collecting articles that interest me, so I’ll start linking articles that I find remarkable, with minimal commentary, here.

[Variety] Malaysia Orders Cuts to ‘Abominable’ Over Controversial Map Scene

  • Malaysia is angry about the nine-dash line, which designates China’s claim to the South China Sea, appearing in the animated movie Abominable

[NPR] Vietnam Bans Animated ‘Abominable’ Over Controversial Map Of South China Sea

  • …and Vietnam banned the movie, with the same objection.

[Bloomberg] China’s Economy Slows on Weak Investment, Testing Global Growth

  • Chinese economic growth is slowing, which is logical following a long period of tremendous growth. Now that China is a central part of the global economy, this will inevitably be a major element of the imminent global recession looming.

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong Protest Demands Are Unrealistic, Singapore PM Says

  • Singapore PM describes Hong Kong demands as unrealistic, which whether you support them or not, realistically does have unrealistic goals (imo). Independence is never, ever going to happen at the very least.

[Reuters] Hong Kong assembly in chaos; attack on democracy leader a ‘chilling signal’

  • Hong Kong parliamentarians were dragged out by security for heckling Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

[New York Times] Taiwan Urges Hong Kong to Investigate Killing That Helped Stir Protests

  • The catalyst for the Hong Kong protests was when a man murdered his pregnant girlfriend. Due to legal loopholes, he couldn’t be punished unless he was extradited to China. Taiwan still wants the murderer to be investigated and brought to justice.

[Japan Times] Land-scarce Hong Kong sees solution in ‘underground urbanism’

  • Hong Kong builds more underground infrastructure, something this blog advocates for heavily.

[BBC] Does Huawei’s future lie with India after US ban?

  • Huawei looks to expand to India after being banned in the US.

[Reuters] Bangladesh border forces kill Indian guard in rare clash

  • In a minor border skirmish over unauthorized fishing, the simmering tension between India and Bangladesh briefly boils over.

[Business Insider] The US carried out a secret cyber strike on Iran after the attack on Saudi oil facilities

  • The US claims they performed a cyberattack on Iran last month, but Business Insider writes, “Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi said: ‘They must have dreamt it.'”

[Bloomberg] Ethiopia May Use Privatisation Funds to Repay State Lenders

  • Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been privatizing telecom and sugar manufacturing companies, and using the proceeds to pay off national debt, at least in part to Chinese lenders.

[NPR] Pence Says Turkey Has Agreed To Suspend Its Incursion Into Syria

  • Pence claims Turkey will stop attacking Northern Syrian Kurds, and Turkey says he’s talking out of his ass.

[Reuters] Pompeo assures Israel that U.S. focus stays on Iran ‘threat’

  • Netanyahu worries that the US military pulling out of Northern Syria will leave Israel vulnerable to Iran. Pompeo reminds him that the Middle East is still swarming with US military.

[Daily Beast] U.S. Deploying Troops to Saudi Arabia to Bolster Defenses After Attacks

  • Trump leaves Kurds to the Turks, while helping the Sauds massacre Houthis, and preempting military force against Iran.

[CNN] Venezuela wins seat on UN Human Rights Council

  • Venezuela rightfully earns seat on UN Human Rights Council to the dismay of Imperialist ideologues.

[Observer] Mark Zuckerberg Warns China and Tik Tok Are ‘Major Threats’ to Future Internet

  • Mark Zuckerberg, feels threatened, so he had a whiney baby routine because China invented a much cooler social media site than Facebook, Tik Tok.

[CNN] Twitter tells Kamala Harris why it won’t suspend Trump’s account

  • Kamala Harris still whining about Trump being on twitter, because apparently she hasn’t realized no one wants to vote for her because of that feckless platform position.

[CNN] New York City Council votes to close notorious Rikers Island jail

  • Rikers Island is being closed……. (and replaced by four other prisons)

[Spectrum News] Large Union Presses Forward Against NY’s Single-Payer Health Care Proposal

  • Class collaborating union Civil Service Employees Association is opposing state-wide single payer healthcare in NY. Spectrum writes, “Sen. Gustavo Rivera, the Democratic sponsor of the measure in the state Senate, said in an interview Wednesday the two issues shouldn’t be in conflict. Under a single-payer system, unions would not have health care as a leverage point in contract negotiations, he said.”
  • Imagine a NY State politician having a better grasp on labor issues than a union leader! Embarrassing!

[Jacobin] The Chicago Teachers Union Goes on the Offense Against Austerity

  • Some good union news to cleanse your palette.

[Quartz] The logic of disrupting public transport to protest climate change

  • Interesting read, although I personally think disrupting freight trains with cargo is more powerful, because it stops the flow of capital, rather than common people. But then again, disrupting the subway forces people to pay attention. Having said all that, I haven’t heard great things about XR

[Infosecurity Magazine] World’s Largest Child Exploitation Site Shut After Bitcoin Analysis

  • Global intelligence agencies trace bitcoin to bust child abuse and assault website, countering the narrative about how untraceable bitcoin is (I’m not a bitcoin expert, maybe this is something known to be traceable, but it does counter the everyday narrative).

[Economist] Investors hope psychedelics are the new cannabis. Are they high?

  • Embodiment of evil Peter Thiel is investing in psychedelics. Thousands of ancient shaman just rolled over in their grave. I, personally, would never trust being dosed by whatever brain control Thiel is funding.

[Fox News] Former San Francisco mayoral candidate: Years of liberal policies have caused homelessness ‘tragedy’

  • 2018 SF Mayoral candidate (who received 2.8% of the vote, in 6th place), claims liberal policy has caused homelessness. It’s funny because he’s right, but it’s hysterical that he thinks even more economically liberal (in the conventional sense) Republicans would make it better.

[Long Beach Post] Opinion: Public mass transit was once a rich part of SoCal—why not harness that history?

  • Not much to say on this one, but if you’re a public transit advocate, I think it’s useful to evoke recent history about public transit. Even cartopias like Southern California have a history of extensive public transit infrastructure.

[King 5] Longtime Seattle barber stays put in gentrifying neighborhood with help from Seattle University

  • This is a nice story, but it also really highlights how gentrification can’t really be stopped without complete policy overhaul.

[The Atlantic] The Man Who Could Beat Justin Trudeau

  • The Atlantic laughably believes that Andrew Scheer “could redefine the future of Western conservative politics”, without acknowledging he’s just like any run-of-the-mill, pre-Trump American conservative. He’s behind the times, not ahead of them.

[Daily Beast] Mick Mulvaney Admits Trump’s Quid Pro Quo on Ukraine: ‘Get Over It’

  • Keebler Elf Mick Mulvaney threw a temper tantrum after admitting Trump’s quid pro quo regarding the impeachment situation.

[Popular Mechanics] The Army and a UFO Group Are Investigating…Something

  • Blink182’s Tom DeLonge is working with the US military to investigate something secretive. Probably a UFO… but who knows.

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