Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-11-01

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

[NPR] Pentagon Awards $10 Billion Contract To Microsoft Over Front-Runner Amazon

  • Amazon comes across like the world biggest babies in their official statement whining about this.

[New York Times] Amazon Tests ‘Soul of Seattle’ With Deluge of Election Cash

  • Real-life supervillain, the penis-headed Jeff Bozo is trying to buy elections in Seattle.

[Newsweek] Russia Accuses U.S. of ‘State-Sponsored Gangsterism’ and Illegally Smuggling Syria’s Oil After Troops Moved to Protect Oil Fields

  • Easy mode journalism: if multiple people make similar, true claims, and if one of those people is from Russia, then attribute the claim to Russia, and Americans will immediately think it’s not true!

[New York Times] The Advertising Industry Has a Problem: People Hate Ads

  • Pretty cool economic system you got there where multiple industries are propped up by an industry that people hate.

[Reuters] U.S. expects Argentina to uphold commitment to IMF: Mnuchin

  • More like Steve Mdouchin!

[Lawfare Blog] China’s Advance Into the Antarctic

  • China is moving into Antarctica, and the guy who wrote this is egging the US on to up aggression over Antarctic dominance. I couldn’t write a better premise for a The Thing style movie myself!

[Inside Bitcoins] China: Communist Party Launches Its First Blockchain Project 

  • Haha. I don’t even know what to say about this.

[AlJazeera] Pakistan denies use of its airspace to Indian PM Modi

  • Can’t blame ’em!

[IB Times] Romania, Hungary Recruit In Asia To Fill Labour Shortage

  • Importing short-term, foreign, cheap labor seems like a growing global trend. So far, it’s mostly been associated with the hyper-capitalist gulf states like Qatar and UAE, but is now being utilized more in Europe. Gotta keep my eye on that one.

[CNN] Hong Kong’s first recession in a decade could be even worse than feared

  • Bleak future we have here.

[New York Post] MoMA naming stirs outrage over Jeffrey Epstein ties

  • MoMA named a wing after Epstein’s buddy Dubin. He was named by Virginia Giuffre as her first “powerful client”.

[New York Post] Famed pathologist Michael Baden says Jeffrey Epstein’s death was homicide

  • We knew this though.

[Miami Herald] Jeffrey Epstein’s injuries look more like murder than suicide, noted pathologist says

  • Interesting bit from this article, emphasis mine, keep in mind Dr. Barbara Sampson is an appointed government employee, and Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Kristin Roman are not:

“Baden told the Herald that the pathologist who actually conducted the autopsy, Dr. Kristin Roman, also had trouble determining that Epstein hanged himself, and initially determined that the manner of death was ‘pending.’

‘The autopsy did not support suicide,’ Baden said. ‘That’s what she put down. Then Dr. Sampson changed it a week later, manner of death to suicide. The brother has been trying to find out why that changed. … What was the evidence?'”

[The Verge] Adobe restores service in Venezuela, adds three months for free as an apology

  • Adobe discontinued service in Venezuela by US orders. They, at first, refused to give refunds. Now, Adobe’s going back on all of it. Maybe a little too late for piracy rates to increase…

[Haaretz] Netanyahu Appoints Himself Israel’s Diaspora Minister

  • He will be thinking of new ways to get American Jews to conceive anchor babies while on Birthright!

[Time] North Korea Says It’s Running Out of Patience With U.S. ‘Cold War Mentality’

  • Me too!

[The Guardian] South Korea compares Japan’s ‘rising sun’ flag to swastika as Olympic row deepens

  • They’re right! It will frankly be disgusting if Japan displays rising sun flags at the Olympics.

[Forbes] Brussels To Ban Conventional Cars By 2035

  • This is a great gesture for the sake of reducing climate change. But a side-effect is this will greatly improve urban living. Imagine a city where gas-powered cars don’t exist. It would radically alter urban geography for the better (more livable).

[New York Times] Denmark Approves Route for a Controversial Russia-German Pipeline

  • … and the US is pissed!

[Daily Beast] Russia: Trump’s Baghdadi Victory Lap Is Nothing But ‘Propaganda’

  • Really interesting… Russia is essentially denying Trump’s claim about killing al-Baghdadi. I have a feeling there were some funny stuff that happened with this, that we have no idea about. Not sure I believe Russia entirely, but something’s fishy.

[Time] Trump Keeps Talking About Syria’s Oil Fields. Here’s What’s Going On With Them

  • The US military is throwing the Kurds to Turkey, licking lips at Syrian oil.

[The National Interest] The Next Nuclear Weapons State: Australia?

[Time] Tens of Thousands March in Spain to Protest Separatist Movement

[The Guardian] Thousands of Iraqis defy bloody crackdown on Tahrir square protest

[NBC Philadelphia] Man Shot in Philadelphia Nightclub Runs to Shuttered Hahnemann University Hospital

  • Hahnemann Hospital was recently closed in Philadelphia, because it was sold to Paladin Healthcare, a large corporation that profits off of hospitals. Paladin then closed Hahnemann, and sold off the property. Presumably it will be turned into luxury condos. They closed down different wards of the hospital throughout the summer, and closed the emergency room in August.
  • This story is a tangible example of what shutting down hospitals for capital gain looks like!

[New York Times] General Motors Sides With Trump in Emissions Fight, Splitting the Industry

[Forbes] Palmer Luckey Says Companies That Cite Staff Protests As Reason For Quitting Government Contracts Are Pandering To China

  • Please keep in mind that Palmer Luckey is alt-right, which the article failed to mention.

[Forbes] Huawei Consumers Want To Ignore Trump’s Blacklist—That Just Got Harder

[Forbes] Huawei Shoots Up 66% As Apple Plummets: China Has Given Its Blacklist Verdict

  • Nelson from Simpsons laughing at the US: “HA-HA”

[CNN] Twitter will ban political ads, Jack Dorsey announces

  • This is cool and all, but ultimately small potatoes, and the fact that he’s doing it as a shot across the bow to facebook, cheapens it a little.

[The Verge] Elon Musk will go to trial over “pedo guy” tweets, judge rules

  • Owned

[Rent Cafe] 8 Out of 10 New Apartment Buildings Were High-End in 2017, Trend Continues in 2018

  • This article is over a year old. It’s not shocking, but it is wild seeing it all laid out like that. The vast majority of apartments being built – in some cities 100% of the apartments – are luxury apartments. Can you imagine a world where all of those new housing units were highly affordable to the average person? That alone could completely revolutionize the economy.

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