Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-11-06

meme with characters hosting X-Factor

In this newsletter, I link to some news around the web you may (or may not) have missed, but should know nonetheless!

Previously, I would link to the article, and then provide light commentary. However, some of my commentary was redundant and made the page look busy. So instead, when an article is in quotes it means I quoted the title directly, because I feel it conveys all I wanted to be conveyed from the article. If the article is not in quotes it’s my own description of the title, highlighting a detail that was mentioned in the text, or not mentioned at all in the article.

Without further ado:

[NBC News] “CIA-trained Afghan forces behind war atrocities, Human Rights Watch says

[The Nation] “How Staples Center Kicked LA Gentrification Into Overdrive

[NPR] “As Protests Persist, Chile’s President Cancels 2 Major International Summits

[The Economist] Protests against global peace prize winning president in Ethiopia has more of an ethnic character than a class character

[Vox] Microsoft is funding an AI company, which is helping Israel install a massive military surveillance apparatus targeting Palestinians

[CNN] Techies reinvent the bus, but made it self-driving, and much smaller

[New York Post] “De Blasio dabbles in Epstein conspiracy theory

[New York Post] Dershowitz seems to think Epstein’s tapes will exonerate him. Well, let’s release em and see!

[Reuters] “Indian Kashmir losing migrant workers as militants find new target

[Foreign Policy] The right-wing rise in Central Europe / Europe in general has to wrestle with the fact that their country’s largest cities don’t support them, highlighting an urban/rural divide.

[CNBC] “Foreign money into Singapore has been up ‘quite sharply’ in recent months, JP Morgan says

  • Nation-City-States further show itself to be the way of capitalism’s future.

[CBS News] “Court blocks plan to deny visas to would-be immigrants who can’t afford health insurance

[Business Standard] “Tariff war: China wins WTO case to sanction $3.6 billion in US trade

[Forbes] “China Wins The South China Sea Map War Against The Philippines

[International Business Times] Rich turd Elon Musk says ‘vacations will kill you’, implying his workers should continue toiling away without breaks

[Reuters] “Thailand says new Asian trade deal to be signed in 2020

[Forbes] Huawei, who currently runs on an open-source Android-based OS may soon be able to formally use the up-to-date Google OS again.

[Associated Press] Huawei will build Hungary’s 5G infrastructure, as pretty much all of Europe dismisses the US crying wolf about Chinese spying

[Guardian] Amidst Brexit, major infrastructure projects are delayed to facilitate pointless political melodramas

[Reuters] China entices Taiwanese businesses to the mainland, to the happiness of Tainwanese capitalists, but chagrin of left-leaning Taiwnese nationalists

  • (Learn more about the dynamics between Taiwanese Capital and the question of Chinese national identity here)

[Deutsche Welle] Netherlands admits to killing 70 Iraqi civilians in 2015, proving the US isn’t the only one who can do war crimes!

[Reuters] As other countries move towards digital money, Japan’s government is actively pushing it, inching us closer to a cyberpunk economic future

[CBS News] “Lead in Canada’s drinking water worse than Flint crisis, investigation says

[The Verge] Google employees try to demand renewable energy from their employer… proving even people who work in the dark heart of capital don’t understand how capitalism works

[New York Times] American white supremacist arrested in Norway for praising Anders Breivik

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