Gentrification buildings copy from the history of capitalism

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Here, I’ve compiled some pictures of architecture, but I’m no expert so make of it what you will…

Classic Dutch urban architecture, signifier of early capitalism, mercantilism, and colonialism:

The modern Dutch reimagining of a similar style, with tall narrow rowhouses:

Steigereiland, IJberg, Amsterdam

The American re-imagining when gentrifying cities: something like the Amsterdam rowhouses, but more uniformity, more “suburban shopping mall glean”, and more parking lots.

But what if that’s not American enough? What about a garage on the first floor and two balconies?

But what if those gentrification developments weren’t bland and unappealing enough, what if you just plopped them down in the vacant lots dotting an otherwise poor neighborhood?


No more sarcasm though, my point is, if they wanted to design a neighborhood in this style it would at least be cohesive, like they have a vision. But just putting them amongst buildings of a completely different style is worthless.

Here’s a gentrification building next to an old building in Mexico City:

Mexico City

Here, the new building is different than the Americans one. For one, it’s actually dense, with at least four apartment units, and one underground parking garage. In the US, that would be a single home and would still be considered “mid-density”. But also, that style of gentrification architecture is much less gaudy.

But what if that aesthetic isn’t right for you? You can also live in buildings that look like Industrial Revolution factories:

But with cool bright colors on them!

Or maybe you want to live in an apartment that vaguely could remind you of your college dorm?

Or maybe something that looks like shipping containers stacked vertically on top of a strip mall!

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