Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-11-10

[Forbes] “Modern Central Banking Is More Vulnerable Than We Think

  • Nothing revelatory here, but Forbes does seem to be bracing their readers for impending economic collapse…

[Economic Times] “Worst may be over for global economy amid signs of stabilization

  • Why am I not convinced?

[Bloomberg] “IMF Warns Europe to Make Emergency Plan for Economic Slump

  • Uh oh!

[ABC News] “Bank of England warns over global economic hit to UK

  • Run to the hills!

[CNBC] Ousted McDonald’s CEO also leaves his position on the board of Walmart… seems bogus that someone can have both of those positions.

[The Hill] Bernie Sanders’ came out against Las Vegas bill that would effectively criminalize homelessness, making it illegal to sleep outside

[New York Times] Israel will expel Omar Shakir, a senior official of Human Rights Watch, because they don’t allow anyone who has called for a boycott of Israel into the country

[Associated Press] UN votes 187-3 to condemn US embargo on Cuba. The US, Israel, and Brazil are the only “no” votes. Colombia and Ukraine abstained from voting, and Moldova didn’t vote

[Taipei Times] “China has replaced US as locomotive of global economy“, logically, since they are building architecture and we aren’t.

[LA Times] “Phase 1 China deal would include tariff rollback, U.S. official agrees

[New York Times] “Pro-Beijing Lawmaker Stabbed in Hong Kong

[Wall Street Journal] “Huawei Founder Says [rightfully and accurately] Chinese Giant Doesn’t Need the U.S.”, something that the US government really doesn’t want to acknowledge

[Bloomberg] Qatar has accused Singapore of plagiarizing their airport

[Bloomberg] “Singapore and Shanghai Threaten Hong Kong’s Status as Finance Hub

[Tech Crunch] “Relocating Indonesian capital will impact nation’s startup ecosystem

  • I don’t care about the impact on the “startup ecosystem” but find the case of Jakarta sinking and Indonesia moving the capital interesting

[Physicians Weekly] “Indonesia suspects outbreak of African swine fever” – part of the larger African swine fever throughout much of East and Southeast Asia

[New York Times] Scumbag anti-indigenous fascists in Bolivia kidnapped a mayor, cut her hair, and covered her in red paint

[CNN] “Brazil’s former President Lula released from prison

[Brussels Times] “Brazilian indigenous leaders ask Belgium to stop ‘blood-soaked’ Amazonian imports

[New York Times] “Belgium Formally Arrests Catalan Separatists at Spain’s Request

My reaction to Belgium right now is this video, but replace “Angela” with “Belgium”

[Washington Post] Russia is helping Libyan warlord and traitor to Brotherly Leader Gaddafi win control over Libya

[Gulf News] “Pakistani woman beaten in public by a feudal lord on charges of illicit relations

[Guardian] “India strips overseas citizenship from journalist who criticised Modi regime

[Gaurdian] “WhatsApp messages urge Hindus to vote against Labour: Messages sent to British Hindus signed off with name of Tory-linked businessman Kapil Dudakia

[Deutsch Welle] Fifteen defense volunteers were killed by Mulsim-Malay separatists in southern Thailand

[Reuters] Right-wing chuds continue to protest against Evo Morales’ legitimate and overwhelming election win

[New York Mag] “Kamala Harris Admits Evil Neoliberal Scheme to Educate Low-Income Kids

  • The article is by neoliberal shill Johnathan Chait, so the title’s sarcastic. But it’s also completely unironically true so…

[NPR] ABC News is doing their PR spin routine regarding the leaked audio of Amy Robach railing against them for killing Epstein story

[Washington Post] “Former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia by digging into the accounts of kingdom critics

[Washington Post] “Alex Jones threatened to name a Roger Stone juror. Experts say that might be jury tampering.

[Reuters] A South Philly refinery blew up earlier this year, come to find out it was because of equipment that was installed and remained unchecked since the Nixon administration.

[Forbes] “Elon Musk Says Tesla Truck Reveal Will Coincide With ‘Blade Runner’ Date” confirming techbros deserved more swirlies growing up

[CBS News] In LA “Landlord accused of illegally evicting people to rent their apartments on Airbnb

[The Stranger] “Human Stain Tim Eyman Finally Gets His Wish to Kill Mass Transit” in Seattle election

[The Week] Trump wants to go back to reality tv

That’s bleak enough, but the bleakest thing I read the past few days…

[Futurism] “DNA Test startup claims it can spot embryos with low intelligence

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