Peter Thiel’s Mithril Capital sued by former attorney

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Robots in a warehouse for a company founded by Peter Thiel's Mithril Capital

Scumbag Peter Thiel’s venture capital firm Mithril Capital is being sued by Crystal McKellar (who you may know as Becky Slater on The Wonder Years), the firm’s former attorney and managing director.

In this post, I’ll be quoting heavily from two articles, just a heads up.

Lizette Chapman wrote in Bloomberg:

Crystal McKellar, the former Mithril attorney and managing director, filed the countersuit Thursday, claiming that management punished her for alerting authorities to alleged financial fraud at the firm.

In the complaint, McKellar reconstructs several conversations with Thiel, Mithril’s largest backer, who is not named as a defendant. Instead, the suit takes aim at Mithril’s managing director, Ajay Royan, who McKellar alleges repeatedly lied to the firm’s investors. Royan didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

I’ve been watching Succession, so this type of pointless capitalist wankery has been on my mind. At first glance, it seems the dynamic was Royan deceiving people to impress Papa Thiel, and McKellar told people about it, to impress Papa Thiel herself, consequently getting fired.

Theodore Schleifer wrote this elaboration on McKellar’s conversations with Thiel

In the suit, McKellar alleges that Thiel told her he was considering an attempt to shut down the fund after he learned of Royan’s alleged misconduct.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t believe how greedy Ajay is. He has broken Mithril,” McKellar alleges Thiel said.

McKellar recounts weekend meetings with Thiel at his home in Los Angeles in January with Thiel’s lawyers and Royan, in which she claims Thiel “erupt[ed] in anger” on multiple occasions.

The stories don’t spell out exactly what allegedly happened, but it’s also been a recurring saga, so I’m sure there’s details I’ve missed.

This reminds me of a theme in Succession in another way. Kendall – the stand-in for a Hunter Biden or Donald Trump Jr type – tells some of his employees that his dad always said the favorite employees are the ones who eat shit for the boss and the boss doesn’t even know there was shit to eat to begin with. Throughout the first season, this theme comes up multiple times.

These are both people trying to impress their capital source. To impose Freudian language on the situation: Royan symbolizes the id of capital, which will do anything to further accumulate capital, and McKellar symbolizes the super-ego, trying to moralize capital.

I’ll keep my eye on this in case something more interesting happens. The sad thing is, probably nothing bad will happen to Thiel, especially not for this.

Capital is an almost metaphysical force that dictates our physical world. It’s a thing that has a mind of it’s own – or more accurately, it functions like a worldwide Ouija board, where all of us have our tiny hands on the dial and push and pull Capital around in different directions. Peter Thiel, being a high priest of Capital, someone who communes with it, nudges it more firmly than most, and controls the faucets for which Capital flows and then imbues the physical world.

That’s why a lot more will have to happen for Peter Thiel to be disrupted.

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