Nothing but truth about the Bolivian coup

10 things we know about the Bolivian Coup – no editorializing, no analyzing, just the truth as we know it!

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Mi Teleferico cable car transit system in La Paz, Bolivia.

1. It was an illegal coup – this has been treated like a controversial point, but devoid of any connotation, it technically was a coup, and technically all coups are outside of the law, ie illegal.

2. Morales didn’t change the term limit law to get reelected, the Bolivian court declared it unconstitutional to have term limits, so he ran again. He did try to pass a law to abolish term limits, but it didn’t pass. The supreme court, a separate political organ, declared term limits weren’t in their constitution.

3. Morales won the popular vote, by over 10 points. The reason people claimed he fixed the votes is because there were two voting displays, the real vote and the quick vote. The quick system is used in many countries, and is advocated for by the OAS (the US dominated political organ that would go on to depose Morales). Basically, the quick vote is used by the press, so they can report on it, but isn’t as precise or updated as the real vote. They stopped the quick vote at around 80% of the vote counted, to then switch to the real vote. Because of this, people became confused. But it’s essentially as if CNN displayed incomplete results on election night, and then when we found out the actual results, we instead believed the CNN vote was correct, and insisted that the vote was rigged all along.

4. After the election was challenged, the OAS wanted to audit the election. Morales WELCOMED the audit, because he knew he won and didn’t fix the vote. The opposition party opposed it.

5. Morales was forced to resign by military force. And just to be clear, no one has to put a gun to a politician’s head to force them to resign by military force.

6. After Morales resigned, fascist millionaire with ties to the CIA, Camacho, placed a Bible on the Bolivian flag and said “Pachamama will never return to the palace,” in reference to the indigenous Andean earth goddess, as an expression of his genocidal perspective on the indigenous people of Bolivia (you can read more here, from The Gray Zone — I said this post would be just the truth, no editorial, but the link does have editorial, just being completely upfront).

7. Jeanine Anez, Morales’ replacement, is right-wing, anti-Morales, and anti-indigenous. She uses Christianity to justify demonizing, marginalizing and oppressing indigenous people. Here’s some evidence of her positions:

I admit, the following tweet does include editorializing, but I’m including it to contextualize the Spanish of the video:

8. There were/are left-wing and/or indigenous people who disagreed with and challenged Morales on legitimate grounds.

9. Ultimately, that intra-left disagreement has little impact on the state of Bolivia, because the country has been seized by the country’s right-wing.

10. The coup against Morales greatly weakens the left-wing in Bolivia, and South America as a whole.

And that’s just the truth! Make of it what you will!

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