Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-11-14

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

[Reuters] Reaction to coup against Evo Morales: center-right leaders of Chile and Peru wanted a new election but didn’t want the coup. Cuba and Venezuela stand in solidarity. Argentina and Mexico give the mildest, most tepid support. Bolsonaro cheers it on like the goon he is.

[Reuters] “Nicaraguan government denounces “coup” in Bolivia” – not sure why Reuters feels the need to put “coup” in quotes.

[Reuters] “Evo Morales leaves Bolivia to take asylum in Mexico

[Washington Post] Indigenous Chilean protesters fly the Mapuche flag

[Strait Times] “China, US agree to roll back tariffs in phases

[CNBC] “Wall Street may be growing too complacent on stocks as bets against volatility hit a record” – the harbinger of recession keeps tooting his horn, and the capitalist class still isn’t listening

[Financial Post] “Canada unexpectedly loses 1,800 jobs, widely missing forecasts

[New York Times] “Soldier Kills Man at Lebanon Protest, 1st Fatality in Nation’s Turmoil

[Jerusalem Post] First Israeli settlers arrive at Trump Heights settlement in Syrian territory Golan Heights

[New York Times] “Why Do We Tolerate Saudi Money in Tech?” Because money always wins in America!

[The Week] American capitalists go to Saudi Arabia’s “Davos in the desert”, after skipping last year, which was only a few weeks after the murder of Khashoggi

[Bloomberg] Saudi Arabia, for the first time, opens up immigration to give foreigners permanent residencies, in an attempt to bring in more capital

[Reuters] “‘YOU? Really?’: Iran’s Zarif scorns EU warning over nuclear deal” – get their asses king

[CNN] “Half a million people evacuated as cyclone approaches Bangladesh and eastern India

[Washington Post] “Congo and Uganda presidents vow to boost trade

  • I’m not one to call China’s business deals imperialist or colonialist—I feel like it cheapens the history of imperialism by doing so. However, I think it’s better for African countries to have more lateral relationships like this, rather than outside forces barging in.

[CityLab] Kenya is building a big road through Nairobi specifically for the rich

[AlJazeera] Human Rights Watch calls on Nigeria to stop chaining up mental health patients

[Bloomberg] “U.S. Bars Any New Flights To or From Malaysia

[Guardian] Indonesian palm oil executive arrested for ordering the murder of two activist journalists

[The Diplomat] The pro-Taiwan Taiwanese government rejects China’s new measure, which wants to treat Taiwanese as the same as Chinese nationals, while Koumintang, the pro-Beijing, opposition party, embraces the measure

[CNN] “Japan’s imperial couple greeted by thousands during Tokyo parade

[New York Times] River in South Korea flows red with blood from culled pigs, killed to stop the spread of African swine fever

[NBC News] “Catalan separatists block major Spain-France road link

[Bloomberg] Germany pushes back against France, regarding Macron’s criticism of NATO and desire for an EU military

[Washington Post] Denmark closes the border to Sweden after several attacks in Copenhagen by Swedish nationals. What the article fails to mention is how this is broadly inline with Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s aggressive fearmongering and polciies targeting refugees, and the Social Democrats general right-wing turn on immigration

[AP News] “Austria’s Kurz to launch coalition talks with Greens” – now that’s what I call eco-fascism!

[Reuters] Dutch courts rule that the Netherlands must help repatriate Dutch national children, whose mothers joined ISIS and moved them to Syria

[Forbes] “Tencent Hoping To Expand Into US Gaming Market With The Help Of Nintendo

[New York Post] “American robots lose jobs to Asian robots as Adidas shifts manufacturing

[CNBC] Bleak future: Amazon now using an app for their employee’s healthcare

[CNBC] “Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces plans for [‘gigafactory'(?)] and design center near Berlin

[New York Post] “Jeffrey Epstein accuser says Ghislaine Maxwell made death threat after she reported abuse

[SBS News] “‘Free Assange’ protester scales Parliament demanding Wikileaks founder’s release” in Australia

[New York Times] Man was stabbed at homeless shelter in NYC

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