Listen to Matt Binder interview Jhanisse V Daza on his podcast DOOMED

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Listen at:, episode 82

Matt Binder interviewed the most visible, vocal Bolivian coup advocate in the western media. It was not only one of the most interesting podcast episodes I’ve heard on the Bolivian coup, but the most interesting podcast in general I’ve heard in awhile (and I listen to podcasts constantly).

Binder eased her into a friendly debate, being very polite, and letting her talk a lot more than you’d expect. But it’s a slow burn, and the latter half involves him taking her to task for her employment with the right-wing, imperialist organization Human Rights Watch, the fact that her great grandfather led a previous coup in Bolivia, the fact that her wikipedia page was created and entirely written by one person a couple weeks before the coup, the fact that her nominally left-wing organization has been co-opted by the right-wing, and much more.

If you want to read more about her, The Gray Zone did some investigative reporting on this here.

Although it was a slow-burn, that took a bit to get to the explosive bits, and Binder let her speak a lot, I think ultimately the episode shows how big of a farce the consent she’s helping to manufacture is.

I also think it’s pretty illustrative because Daza has a lot of idealistic views. For example, she’s constantly insists her small environmental organization will hold the fascist coup government to task and force them to not be fascist. She also deflects any legitimate counter-argument by claiming Bolivia isn’t like anywhere else in the world. Of course, she’s right in some sense, but political and economic power functions in similar terms everywhere.

She may have gotten those ideas from herself, or she may have been fed lines from Human Rights Watch. I don’t mean to question her own autonomy, but there was a consistency in her rhetoric that had to be formulated ahead of time, which makes me think some group somewhere was working with her on the rhetorical line.

But what the interview especially illustrates is that she is an unwitting stooge for right-wing and imperialist forces. And you almost never get the opportunity to see someone boldly and directly challenge the behind-the-scenes connections of unwitting stooge.

Side note: jeers to David Pakman, who released a video loaded with right-wing, imperialist propaganda against Morales. Here’s a video by Bad Empanada (whom I just recently discovered) debunking it.

If you want to listen to a youtube channel of a social democrat who broadcasts in a Rush Limbaugh style (by that I mean, Limbaugh did radio by giving monologues alone, addressing the audience), listen to Kyle Kulinski instead. He’s to my right on economic issues, but he’s still much better than Pakman, especially when it comes to US imperialism.

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