Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-11-21

In this newsletter, I link to some news around the web you may (or may not) have missed, but should know nonetheless!

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

[Barron’s] “Nearly 40 Analysts Say the Global Economy Is About to Worsen. Here’s What To Watch For

  • Man, they’ve been telling us this for a long time now, I guess once it happens, it’s going to be real bad!

[The Nation] “Bolivia’s Anti-Indigenous Backlash Is Growing

[Reuters] “Coca farmers march, police fire tear gas in worsening Bolivia unrest

[Reuters] “Chile police stopped rescue workers helping dying protester: human rights watchdog

[The Guardian] “Argentina’s new president vows to legalise abortion

[NPR] “Amazon Rainforest Sees Biggest Spike In Deforestation In Over A Decade

[Wall Street Journal] “Conductors Begin Strike at Canadian National Railway

[New York Times] “Hungary Accepts Big Penalty for Mismanaging EU Funds

[CNET] “Netherlands cuts national speed limit to 100 kph in bid to lower emissions

[Yahoo] The Swedish far-right is growing

[CNN] “Sweden drops investigation into Julian Assange over rape allegation

[The Gaurdian] “Suicide rates fall after gay marriage legalised in Sweden and Denmark

[Express] The European center-left is becoming more anti-immigration to appease right-wingers

[Counter Punch] “French Yellow Vests Celebrate First Birthday, Converge With Planned Labor Strikes

[New York Times] “Germany Arrests [26 year-old Syrian] Man in Berlin for Allegedly Planning Attack

[New York Times] “In Shift, U.S. [wrongly] Says Israeli Settlements in West Bank Do Not Violate International Law” – those sniveling imperialist cowards!

[Morning Call] “Turkey says it captured ‘important’ IS figure in Syria” – so is this catch and release?

[Newsweek] Missing Saudi Arabian princess finally discovered under house arrest for months

[AP News] In the aftermath of the devastating Houthi attack on a Saudi oil facility, “Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s Houthi rebels in indirect peace talks”

[CNN] “Yemen’s Houthi rebels seize Saudi Arabian ship in Red Sea

[CNBC] Saudi Arabia is making part of their state-owned oil company publicly traded, former chief of the CIA David Petraeus said it’s because they’re running out of money

[Reuters] “Indonesia police link suicide bombing to Islamic State-inspired group” called Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD)

[Dhaka Times] Dhaka feels the pain as bus truck strike continues

[CNBC] Hong Kong protesters bordering more and more on just conventional, terroristic chaos

[CNN] “Beijing tells US to stop ‘flexing muscles’ in South China Sea as it sends new carrier

[NPR] “Many Native Americans Can’t Get Clean Water, Report Finds

[The Hill] “Conservatives seek to stifle new ‘alt-right’ movement steeped in anti-Semitism” – The young right is eating itself alive, which is great… until you realize the alt-right side is likely going to win out in the long run

[CNBC] Crybaby Jeff Bozo plans to file a protest against the US military for not using Amazon for a contract

[Washington Post] Google wants to get into banking

[New York Post] The US Department of Health and Human Services object to Google’s Project Nightingale, which collects the medical information of millions of people

[Bloomberg] “Huawei Suppliers Shrug Off Ban and Choose to Outperform Instead

[Coin Telegraph] “Expert: Bitcoin My ‘Crash to Zero’ Because of Institutional Adoption

[Decrypt] As Xi reiterates China’s anti-cryptocurrency position, its value drops

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