Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-11-28 – Thanksgiving edition!

Happy thanksgiving to you all!

In case you want to read some news on Thanksgiving (you probably don’t!), I’ve compiled some news that has interested me the most this week.

One thing to note ahead of time: a blindspot I have in this newsletter is the fact that Netanyahu was indicted. I have read a bit about it, but Israeli politics seem very complex, and I don’t quite understand it. It seems like there are many things that could potentially happen, so until it becomes clearer, and I learn more, I don’t think I have the capacity to rightfully cover his indictment.

Southeast Asia

[The Guardian] Singapore invoked their anti-“fake news” laws for the first time, against a British-born Singaporean who deceptively (or is it?) claimed that the Singaporean government influenced the decisions of private companies

[Reuters] “Malaysia says Islamic State may shift operations to Southeast Asia

  • If you’re interested in this, I recently wrote about how ISIS has been recruiting Muslim foreign workers in Hong Kong and Singapore, and how they are trying to establish a stronghold in Mindanao, the only Muslim-majority region in Philippines.

[Jakarta Post] Dozens of Chinese nationals were arrested in Indonesia, after being caught performing scams, pretending to be government officials, on people back in the mainland

[South China Morning Post] “Malaysia’s [Prime Minister] Mahathir hints at a thaw in ties with North Korea

  • You can read more about Mahathir’s policy as Prime Minister of Malaysia here.

East Asia

[Military Times] “North Korea says it’s gained nothing from US but ‘betrayal’” – True

[National Interest] This article goes into the fact that the US keeps expecting South Korea to host the US military (and pay their ‘fair share’ for hosting), when South Korea doesn’t want the US using their country as a military base

[Reuters] Japan finger-wags China about Hong Kong, as if China cares what Imperialists think

[New York Times] “Taiwan Detains 2 Executives of Firm Accused of Spying for China

South Asia

[New York Times] “Buddhist Nationalists Claim Victory in Sri Lankan Election

[NPR] “2 Months After Failed Moon Landing, India Acknowledges Its Craft Crashed

[CNN] “7 men sentenced to death for roles in Bangladesh’s deadliest terror attack

Middle East and Africa

[Wall Street Journal] Even amidst Saudi’s IPO push (and attempted appeasement of western capitalists), MBS can’t help himself but to imprison his political opponents

[Washington Post] Lebanese protest outside US Embassy, due to US meddling in the Lebanese protests, and affairs in general

[AlJazeera] Libya’s renegade warlord leader Khalifa Haftar learned well from the imperialist masters, turning Tripoli into a No Fly Zone, something he has emulated from Obama and Clinton more than once now

[Bloomberg] “26 Killed as Small Plane Crashes Into Homes in Congo

South America

[Vox] “Bolivia’s interim government names former President Evo Morales a ‘terrorist‘” – Evidence #5,278 that the use of “terrorist” can, and is used and turned against leftists, to demonize them (right up there with “corruption”.

[New York Times] Far-right Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori’s daughter Keiko Fujimori has been freed from jail, while prosecutors investigate her laundering money for her campaign from Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht

[Reuters] Brazil’s economic minister suggests bringing back decree that shut down congress under Brazil’s military dictatorship


[NPR] “London Won’t Renew Uber’s License, Saying Unauthorized Drivers Took 14,000 Trips


[CNBC] “Indian Uber rival Ola to launch in London ‘in the coming weeks’

[NPR] “U.K. Truck Driver Admits Illegal Immigration Plot After 39 Migrant Deaths

[AlJazeera] Cyprus leaders meet in Germany to discuss future peace for their divided country

[Weather] “Flooding in France, Italy, Greece Kills 9, Causes Highway to Collapse

North America

[The Globe and Mail] “Trudeau turns the elusive middle class into an unnecessary ‘Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity’

[New York Post] Michael Bloomberg brings writers for the Bloomberg newspaper along for his campaign

[Miami Herald] “The leader of Haiti’s most prominent gay rights group is dead” under suspicious circumstances


[Newsweek] Google suspended two employees after protesting their business with groups like ICE, CBP, and ORR, and allegedly wiped the data off one of the employee’s phone

[New York Times] “Google Fires 4 Workers Active in Labor Organizing” (this adds some more details)

[Axios] “Member of group that hacked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account arrested

[RT] “Indian police accidentally reveal they monitor tweets on Kashmir, and [Pakistani president] Imran Khan’s absolutely on the list

[Market Watch] “Bitcoin slumps below $7,000 mark for first time in 6 months

[Forbes] “The Recent Bitcoin Drop Could be Different Than Prior Pullbacks, Here’s Why

Tabloid section

[USA Today] A guy keeps dumping hot diarrhea on people in Toronto

[Deutsche Welle] “WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ‘could die’ in British jail: doctors

[New York Times] “Epstein Suicide: Guards Say They’re Scapegoats for a Broken System

[New York Post] Photos from Epstein’s pedophile island, Little Saint James.

[CNN] “Dance teacher and reality TV participant pleads guilty to statutory rape and exposing a teenager to HIV

[Express] “NASA mystery: Unexplained soundwaves captured by ISS sparks super-velocity UFO claims

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