Elon Musk’s ugly new truck

I just gotta rant about how much Ugly Must (cool nickname right?) sucks for a minute.

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Elon Musk has gotten 1.6 billion dollars in Research and Development from the government.

What has he done with that money?

The two main things I can think of is making a flamethrower for the lolz, and making a one-lane underground car tunnel underneath LA.

There’s Tesla too, which is obviously the best thing he’s attached to. But, remember electric cars existed long before Tesla, and the only reason Tesla caught on is he shifted the branding from conventional automotive branding to tech branding.

And now he has this ugly ass truck.

Cool low-poly graphics bro.

And then, for a publicity stunt, he had someone throw a rock at the window to prove how resilient it is. The rock broke the window though, oops!

Seriously, why are we supposed to like this guy? I used to follow r/dankmemes on reddit, even though many of the memes were no longer dank. But one day, I saw a post praising Musk, and expected the comments to be roasting the dude for being a sycophant. But no, the comments were all “le epic dank sauce Treelon Musk xD”, so I unfollowed the sub.

Sorry, I just had to rant about this.