Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-12-05

In this newsletter, I link to some news around the web you may (or may not) have missed, but should know nonetheless!

Latin America

[Reuters] Guatemala has detained the fourth top military official in a week for the genocide of Maya throughout the Guatemalan Civil War

[Reuters] Police chased ‘suspects’ into a massive party in Sao Paulo, causing a stampede that killed 9 people

[Vox] Shootout between Mexican police and cartels resulted in 21 deaths (potentially more, maybe less – the numbers differ from source to source)


[AlJazeera] “Corbyn would stop arms sales to Saudi for use in Yemen if elected

[Hamodia] “Denmark Court Finds Three Men Guilty of Buying Drones for [ISIS]

[Forbes] “Iceland Wants Priceless Norse Manuscripts Back From Denmark

[Daily Beast] Italy is investigating a neo-Nazi Party, including a woman who won a beauty pagaent using the name Miss Hitler

[Reuters] Germany’s Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) elects further left-leaning critics of Angela Merkel, creating volatility in the majority coalition.

[New York Times] “Raising Profile, Spain’s Far-Right Vox Gets Seat on Parliament Oversight Body

[Digital Music News] Hungary skips Eurovision 2020 because it’s “too gay”

Middle East

[Washington Post] “Cyprus, Greece decry Turkey-Libya maritime border deal

[France 24] “Nearly 70 dead” in conflict between Syria and former al-Qaeda affiliates in Idlib

[Xinhua] Yemeni Houthi shoot down Saudi helicopter

[Reuters] “UAE praises Syria’s Assad for ‘wise leadership’, cementing ties


[Jakarta Post] “‘This is why the capital is being moved’: Jokowi says after getting stuck in Jakarta’s gridlock” — Weird, I thought it was being moved because Jakarta is sinking into the ocean

[Quartz] Before India’s Modi did anything revoke Kashmir’s autonomy, they already had plans in place to “quell protests”

[Open Democracy] Modi is disingenuously portraying Kashmiris as terrorists to escalate India’s oppressive control of the region


[AlJazeera] “Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan resume talks over disputed Nile dam

[CNN] “23 dead, 130 injured in Sudan factory fire

[Bloomberg] “Germany Grants Ethiopia $388 Million for Reforms” “that will promote private investment and sustainable economic development”

  • You’d think the “China is imperialist” crowd would oppose a European country giving African countries aid on the condition that they “[open] the Horn of Africa nation to more foreign capital.” Guess not!

[CNN] Russian private military companies are helping the Mozambique military fight insurgents, who threaten Russia’s investment in Mozambique’s gas

North America

[Axios] “Bipartisan senators call for sanctions against Turkey before NATO summit

[AP News] “US Marine charged with illegally flying guns into Haiti” to help their military kill protesters

[Vox] Ilhan Omar’s Republican challenger, QAnon theorist, and felon thief Danielle Stella is banned from twitter for threatening to hang Omar

[New York Times] Cryptocurrency guy Virgil Griffith faces as much as 20 years in prison for going to North Korea to talk about bitcoin

[San Francisco Chronicle] “Albuquerque’s rapid transit system to begin operations

Tech [Huawei]

[Dallas News] “Huawei moving Silicon Valley research center to Canada

[Ars Technica] “Huawei is now shipping smartphones with zero US components


[New York Post] “Prince Andrew in constant contact with Epstein ex Ghislaine Maxwell: report” – Why doesn’t someone ask him where she is then?

[New York Post] “Alan Dershowitz may be forced to reveal secret communications with Jeffrey Epstein

[Guardian] Comrade Martin O’Malley heckled director of DHS, human scum Ken Cuccinelli in public, until Cuccinelli poopied his diaper and ran away

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