The Arctic: The (Other) Last Frontier

In case you thought Trump was joking about buying Greenland! (PS, the Other Other last frontier is the Antarctic – where they recently discovered a large canyon under the glaciers)

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

While Antarctica is a land of the vast, creeping unknown, the Arctic is less mysterious… and more resource rich (although, who knows what’s in that Antarctic underground canyon).

Reuters published an article in November 2019:

“China’s military is increasingly using scientific research in the Arctic as a way into the region, a Danish intelligence service said on Friday, as it warned of intensifying geopolitical rivalry in the Earth’s freezing North.”

This is understandable, because as global warming intensifies, humans – particularly state and capitalist apparatuses – will continue moving north for safety. There are also, certainly, a lot of resources in the north that will become more accessible as glaciers melt more.

Reuters continues:

“Disputes in the Arctic over global warming and access to minerals broke into the open in May when U.S. Secretary Mike Pompeo accused Russia of aggressive behaviour in the polar region and said China’s actions must be watched closely.

“‘A great power play is shaping up between Russia, the United States and China, which is increasing the level of tension in the (Arctic) region,’ the Defence Intelligence Service said in its annual risk assessment report.”

Very strange, because the official US government policy is to deny global warming.

I don’t have a ton to say about this, but I do have two observations:

  1. I think the US is especially threatened by China’s incursion into the Arctic, because the US is especially threatened by China’s Belt and Road Initiative. This trade initiative includes the Northern Sea Route, which is currently primarily used by Russia. This gives China a more direct trade route to the Atlantic Ocean, and consequently, much more direct trade with NATO countries, and the nations colonized by NATO, presently or formerly.
  2. US government officials clearly know that global warming is real, and clearly don’t want to do anything about it. Republicans explicitly don’t want to do anything about it, Democrats claim to want to do something about it, but practically don’t. However, this is a politically incoherent dynamic – since both parties function the same on global warming. To accentuate the differences, and consequently, to reify party power, both parties take different approaches. Republicans use their apparatus to convince their followers that global warming doesn’t exist, justifying their lack of action. Democrats use their apparatus to educate their followers that global warming does exist, then lies to them, that they’re doing everything they can to fix it.

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