Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-12-19

In this newsletter, I link to some news around the web you may (or may not) have missed, but should know nonetheless!

United States

[Daily Beast] Seattle authorities are looking into viral videos where in one, a cop trips over his own bike and uses it as an excuse to brawl with civilians. In another, a police drives his bike into someone’s back and then arrests him for not moving aside

[Seattle Times] “Homeless agency director resigns after dancer strips at Seattle homelessness conference

[CNN] Amazon third-party sellers will no longer be able to use FedEx to ship, which hurts small businesses, paving the way for Amazon to further consolidate capital and power

[Mother Jones] “Another Google Employee Says They Were Fired for Backing a Union

[Vox] “Kansas City is making its bus system fare-free. Will other cities do the same?

[Curbed] “NYC pledges to end street homelessness within next five years” — wow I highly doubt that one, unless you plan on abolishing capitalism, de Blasio.

[The Hill] “Florida sheriff ends work release program” that allowed Epstein to spend half his time outside of prison, while under arrested for child sexual abuse

[Washington Post] “Vermont police chief quits after trolling critic on Twitter” – maybe if we just antagonize more cops on twitter, they’ll all rage out and eventually quit in shame?

South America

[TIME] “Military Plane That Vanished En Route to Antarctica Found, Chilean Officials Say

[Washington Post] “Evangelical gangs in Rio de Janeiro wage ‘holy war’ on Afro-Brazilian faiths

[Reuters] New Argentinian president Fernandez imposes tourism tax on using US dollars, stabilizing the peso, and weakening black market

[AlJazeera] Mexican President AMLO to move forward with Mayan train project across Yucatan Peninsula, which has enormous support from the locals, although there’s some Maya objection, due to potential environmental issues

[The Yucatan Times] Researchers from Germany have been examining the little-documented Maya site Uxul for the past ten years, and have determined that the remains of decapitated human bodies found in 2013 were likely prisoners of war, not locals


[Washington Post] Only an abysmal four percent of South Koreans would agree to Trump’s demand for billions of more dollars to militarily occupy their country

[Reuters] China and Russia want to lift UN sanctions on North Korea, but of course, the US opposes – how else are they supposed to make them look like a hellhole?

[Reuters] Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak’s bodyguard is now claiming that Najib instructed him to kill Mongolian model, who he described as “foreign spy”. This was a high-profile murder in Malaysia, and there was long speculation the government was involved.

[NPR] Tens of thousands protest against Modi’s unconstitutional, anti-Muslim, Hindu nationalist policy

[Muslim News] “Bangladesh: Factory fire kills 10 near Dhaka

Middle East

[Asharq Al-Aswat] “Israel Threatens Iran with ‘Own Vietnam in Syria’” – Cool country, cool threat! Very cool!

[Washington Examiner] “Erdogan threatens to recognize Native American deaths as genocide after US acknowledges Armenian genocide

  • This is a type of bourgeois state bickering I can get behind – call out all the genocides! Mutually make ’em all look bad!

[AlJazeera] “Turkey may close Incirlik airbase in face of US threats: Erdogan” – lol, I really don’t like Erdogan, but I like how much he’s owning the US

[New York Times] Former Pakistani military dictator, Pervez Musharraf, sentenced to death for high treason (although he will likely never be put to death, as he’s hiding in Dubai). The move is seen as a symbolic gesture of civilians declaring their societal power over the military

[Xinhua] “Yemeni Houthi-controlled court sentences 4 to death for allegedly spying for Saudi Arabia

[Reuters] “Dengue fever finds breeding ground in war-weary Yemen

[The Guardian] “Dubai police arrest Netherlands’ most wanted man


[Reuters] France’s pension minister – who helped institute the reforms that led to France’s general strike – resigned

[Washington Post] Nazi Reinhard Heydrich’s grave was dug up in Berlin

[TRT World] Hungarian fascist Orbán passes “culture law”, giving state control of movie theaters and similar cultural institutions

[American Airlines] Russia opens Europe’s largest amusement park

[Croatia Week] “First new railway line in 52 years in Croatia opens

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