Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-12-26

I hope you had a merry Christmas! In this newsletter, I link to some news around the web you may (or may not) have missed, but should know nonetheless!

Middle East

[AlJazeera] “Syria reports Damascus air attacks [from Israel]; three explosions heard

[Reuters] “Russian-backed forces gain ground in rebel-held northwest Syria

[New York Times] “Egypt Frees Ex-General [Sisi] Arrested After Challenging President

[Middle East Monitor] “Yemen Houthis, Iran sign first military cooperation deal

[American Airlines] “French arms killed [38] Yemenis, say Houthi rebels


There’s a lot going on in Libya right now, I may write a bigger post soon!

[Washington Post] “In Libya, cheap, powerful drones kill civilians and increasingly fuel the war

[The Guardian] “Mercenaries flock to Libya raising fears of prolonged war

[AlJazeera] “Libya: Khalifa Haftar’s forces release ship with Turkish crew

[Bloomberg] “Erdogan Edges Closer to Deploying Turkish Troops in Libya

[Reuters] “Israel opposes Turkey-Libya maritime border accord


[Reuters] “Congo prosecutors probe Israeli billionaire’s loan to state mining company


[France24] “Macron calls colonialism a ‘grave mistake’ during visit to Ivory Coast” – even though France still engages in heavily colonial economic behavior!

[Moscow Times] “Putin Launches Direct Train Service to Crimea

[New York Times] “3 Family Members Drown in Swimming Pool Accident in Spain

South / Southeast Asia

[Economic Times] “IMF says India in midst of significant economic slowdown, calls for urgent policy actions

[New York Times] “European Liquor Off the Menu in Indonesia as Trade Row Escalates

[ALJazeera] “Dozens killed in Indonesia after bus plunges into ravine

[Bangkok Post] Bank of Thailand calls “next year’s growth outlook ‘disappointing.'”

East Asia

[Military] “Beijing Attacks US for ‘Weaponization’ of Outer Space

[Forbes] “Huawei Warns Google: We Are Almost Ready To Replace You

[CNN] “Japan’s birth rate hits another record low in 2019

Latin America

[Reuters] “Mexico accuses Bolivia of intimidating its diplomats in La Paz

[America Airlines] “Ex-president [Evo Morales] slams Bolivia over joining Lima bloc

[The Gray Zone] “Bolivia’s free territory of Chapare has ousted the coup regime and is bracing for a bloody re-invasion

[Reuters] “Manager of McDonald’s franchise in Peru says faulty drinks machine caused deaths

[AlJazeera] “Chile elderly suicide rate soars over pension system

[Newsweek] “Chilean Government Blames K-Pop for Recent Protests


[Washington Post] “Homelessness in the U.S. rose for a third year, driven by a surge in California, HUD says

[LA Times] “ICE signs contracts extending private immigrant detention centers ahead of California ban,” less than two weeks before ban of these contracts goes into effect

[Inquisitr] “Erik Prince Says The Left Criticized Blackwater Because It Represented ‘Everything They Love To Hate’

  • He’s right, I do hate Imperialist war crimes! I don’t love to hate them though.


[New York Post] “Jeffrey Epstein’s brother fears his ‘life may also be in danger’

[CNN] “Two new Epstein accusers have come forward in lawsuit against his estate

[Daily Beast] “Prince Andrew, Disgraced by His Friendship With Jeffrey Epstein, Is Left Out in the Christmas Cold

[Washington Post] “Rudy Giuliani, a Catholic, says he is ‘more of a Jew’ than George Soros, who survived the Holocaust

[Verge] “Anime is One of the Biggest Fronts in the Streaming Wars

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