Announcing new ownership of the Underground Mall Blog

Hello blog readers,

We would like to announce an amazing future for the blog you are currently reading – Underground Mall.

Venture Capital Media Corps is a small, but growing, finance venture analytics engagement networking tech media management conglomerate.

We have purchased Underground Mall, and we are excited for the future!

Now, this blog makes absolutely no money. It technically loses money buying for the domain name and the (lowest level) subscription for using WordPress.

However, we think this blog has a future for making money. And we at Venture Capital Media Corps bought the exclusive rights to all profit this blog may make.

Don’t worry, Christian Patterson will still be the main contributor and editor. And, even though we vehemently disagree with some of the content here, we will not interfere or interject ourselves on the creation of it, whatsoever.

So, what kind of changes can you expect from Underground Mall, under the new ownership?

We will be managing the twitter account and other administrative stuff like that. Other than that, you may see an occasional post from us here, if needed. We will also be sure to keep Christian hard at work, to hopefully generate us some profits!

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