Underground Mall Newsletter: 2020-01-03

In this newsletter, I link to some news around the web you may (or may not) have missed, but should know nonetheless!

East Asia

[The Guardian] “Seven bodies found on suspected North Korean fishing boat in Japan

[Reuters] “Taiwan’s military chief among eight dead in helicopter crash

[Xinhua] “High-speed rail connects Inner Mongolia, Beijing

[BBC] “South Korea to pardon 1,800 conscientious objectors” [to military conscription]

[NBC News] “U.S. military base in South Korea sounds false alarm amid North Korea tensions

[Reuters] “Tokyo 2020 to take measures after asbestos found at venue

South / Southeast Asia

[Bloomberg] “Singapore Posts Slowest Annual Growth of the Decade

[France24] “Nepalese worker dies in Malaysia meat machine accident

[Reuters] “Freezing weather causes [over 50] deaths in India and Bangladesh

[Reuters] “Flood death toll rises in Jakarta, tens of thousands evacuated

[AlJazeera] “PM Khan launches healthcare scheme for transgender Pakistanis” – but muslims hate gay/queer/trans people right?

Middle East

[Reuters] Trump administration airstrikes Kataib Hezbollah militia in Iraq and Syria

[Time] Timeline of the US military attack in Iraq and the subsequent protest

[Xinhua] “Palestine slams” Israel for freezing millions in tax revenue that “it collects on behalf of the Palestinians.

[Reuters] “Israel’s Netanyahu says he will seek immunity in graft cases

[New York Times] “Missile Strikes Military Parade [for separatist militia] in Yemen, Killing at Least 10

South America

[New York Times] Bolivian coup government throws hissy-fits about Mexico granting asylum to President Morales, takes it out on Mexican ambassador

[Deutsche Welle] Colonialist Spain to probe Bolivia’s harassment and threats of Mexican ambassador

[Straits Times] “Bolivia, Spain expel ambassador, diplomats in tit-for-tat moves as spat deepens

[Washington Post] “At least 16 dead, 5 wounded in central Mexico prison riot

[Business Times] “Sao Paulo skyline changes as real estate booms

[Sky News] “Mayan palace at least 1,000 years old uncovered by archeologists [sic] in Mexico


[Reuters] “Austrian conservatives and Greens strike New Year’s coalition deal” — Now that’s what I call a Faustian bargain!

[Reuters] “Airport strike prompts cancellation of flights to and from Portugal’s capital

[Xinhua] “Over 10,000 quake-affected people accommodated in tents in Albania

[New York Post] “Netherlands wants to drop ‘Holland’ nickname in tourism makeover” – maybe this will help Americans get geography straight a bit…

[Deutsch Welle] “Germany shuts down atomic plant as nuclear phase-out enters final stretch

[New York Times] “Zoo Fire Kills at Least 30 Animals in Germany” – poor babies!


[The Hill] “Nigerian ISIS branch kills 11 as retaliation for al-Baghdadi’s death

[Reuters] “Islamist militants kill 18 in attack in eastern Congo

[Reuters] “Sudan sentences 27 intelligence agents to hang for teacher’s killing

[Reuters] “[At least 24] dead, many displaced after violence in Sudan’s West Darfur


[New York Times] “Judge Orders Alex Jones and Infowars to Pay $100,000 in Sandy Hook Legal Fees

[Metro] “Cigar-shaped UFO recorded hovering near airport as 2019 drew to a close

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