Underground Mall Newsletter: 2020-01-09

This week, the news mostly involves the situation with Iran. We also cover Libya, and then a handful of other international news.


[The Guardian] Mike Pence claims Soleimani had ties to 9/11 attackers – a claim that’s grotesquely harebrained to anyone with even an iota of knowledge about middle eastern politics

[Rolling Stone] “Mar-a-Lago Guests and Israel Had More Prior Knowledge of Strike on Soleimani Than Democratic Leaders

[The Gray Zone] “Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’

[Associated Press] Trump threatens to destroy cultural sites in Iran

[New York Times] “Iraqi Parliament Backs Government Push to Expel Foreign Troops

[France24] Saudi claims they had no knowledge of assassination of Soleimani ahead of time, takes surprisingly tepid response to it

[New York Times] “Iran Challenges Trump, Announcing End of Nuclear Restrictions

[Reuters] “Hezbollah official says response of ‘axis of resistance’ to Soleimani killing will be decisive

[Arab Weekly] “After Soleimani slaying, Hezbollah may want politicians in government

[Washington Post] “Hezbollah says retribution for Soleimani’s death must target U.S. military, not civilians

[DAWN] “Protesters gather in Karachi, Islamabad for anti-America rallies

[Reuters] France, Germany and China discussed the Soleimani assassination together

[LA Times] “Iranian Americans reportedly [detained and] questioned at U.S.-Canada border in British Columbia

[Reuters] “EU’s [Foreign Policy Chief] Borrell invites Iran’s foreign affairs minister to Brussels

[Reuters] Prime Minister of Malaysia calls for Muslim unity after Soleimani’s assassination

[Daily Beast] “Netanyahu Distances From Soleimani Slaying, Says Israel Shouldn’t Be ‘Dragged’ Into It

[Reuters] “Ukrainian airliner crashes in Iran, killing 176

[AP] “Russia’s Putin visits Syria to meet Assad, a key Iran ally


[New York Times] Libyan Warlord Haftar kills at least 16 in Tripoli

[Asharq al-Awsat] “Egypt Lawmakers Threaten Economic Boycott against Turkey” for deploying troops in Libya

[New York Times] “Saudi Arabia Condemns Turkish Escalation in Libya

  • Turkey and Syria support the UN-appointed Government of National Accord. Egypt, Russia, and Saudi Arabia support Warlord Haftar.

[Reuters] “Libyan commander Haftar’s forces say they have taken Sirte


[Bloomberg] “Drunken Driver in Italy Plows Into German Tourists, Kills 6

[Benzinga] “White House Is Trying To Stop Netherlands From Selling Chips To China

[Reuters] Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez achieves Spain’s first coalition government in decades

[Reuters] “Teenage British neo-Nazi jailed for planning terrorism attack

[Reuters] “Poland’s president says he won’t attend Holocaust event in Israel

Latin America

[World Socialist Website] “Mexican President [AMLO] calls for Julian Assange’s freedom

[Xinhua] “Inca quipu [their sophisticated recordkeeping system, which used elaborate strings and knots] gets cultural heritage status in Peru

[New York Times] “Highway Crash in Peru Kills 16, Including Two Germans

[New York Times] “Argentina Revokes Credentials of Representative for Venezuela’s Guaido


[CNN] “66 people now killed by flooding in Jakarta, and more rain appears to be on the way

[New York Times] Indian Muslims continue to protest Modi’s oppressive, anti-Muslim policies

[AP] “Hong Kong to add mystery illness to reportable diseases


[Axios] “Measles-related death toll tops 6,000 in Democratic Republic of the Congo

[France24] “Thousands march in Liberia to protest economic crisis

[The Hill] “At least 30 killed in Nigerian bridge blast

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