Underground Mall Newsletter: 2020-01-16

I’ve gathered up lots of world news from the week, that you may have missed while Lying Liz Warren was distracting us with Bernie smears.


[The Hill] “NATO agrees to up contribution in ‘fight against international terrorism’ after Iran missile attacks

[NPR] “Saudi Arabia Sought Dialogue With Iran. Then The U.S.-Iranian Conflict Escalated

[NPR] “House Passes War Powers Resolution In Effort To Restrict Trump’s Actions Against Iran

  • Ultimately, this is a lost cause because it’s non-binding, and even if it was, Trump and the CIA would ignore it anyway.

[Yahoo] “CIA Director Gina Haspel reportedly pushed for Soleimani’s killing — and perfectly predicted Iran’s response

[AP] “Unidentified planes hit Iraqi [pro-Iranian] militiamen in Syria, killing 8

[Al Jazeera] “Syria’s ceasefire comes into force in Idlib province

[AP] “Iranians shot down airliner, Western leaders declare

  • This issue seems so ideologically loaded and complicated. I really don’t know what to believe. I would believe the Iranian military accidentally shot it down, but I don’t trust the US’s motives when it comes from the their mouth, this quickly.

[New York Times] “Evidence That Plane Was Shot Down in Iran May Upset U.S.-Canada Relations

[Reuters] “Lebanon’s Hezbollah says working for government formation

[Reuters] “Hezbollah: It’s time for Iran’s allies to start working to avenge Soleimani

[Al Jazeera] “Libya’s Haftar rejects Ankara, Moscow’s call for ceasefire” but then…

[CNN] “Libya’s renegade general declares ceasefire, ending nine-month attack on capital” so then…

[AP] “Russia hosts Libya’s rival leaders amid peace summit plans” but then…

[AP] “Libya’s rival leaders leave Moscow without ceasefire deal

[Newsweek] “Eight Migrant Children Dead After Boat Sinks Near Turkey

[Al Jazeera] “Saudi Arabia executed 184 people in 2019” – I would be surprised if it wasn’t actually a lot more people

[Palestine Chronicle] “Jewish Settler Runs over Palestinian Girl in Bethlehem


[Moscow Times] “Turkey, Russia Launch TurkStream Pipeline Carrying Gas to Europe

[Reuters] “French unions battle Macron in make-or-break pension protest

[Truthout] “France Enters Second Month of National Strike

[New York Times] “In Paris, Even the Ballet Dancers Are on Strike

[Reuters] “Catalan separatists take seats as EU lawmakers, promise to push secession

[Al Jazeera] “Denmark’s ‘ghetto plan’ and the communities it targets

[Deutsche Welle] “Denmark: Little Mermaid sprayed with ‘Free Hong Kong’ graffiti

[Al Jazeera] “Croatia police criticised for attacking refugees at border


[Reuters] “Three policemen killed in clash with protesters in Vietnam

[Washington Post] “Indonesia: UAE crown prince to lead new capital construction

[Reuters] “India’s top court says indefinite Kashmir internet shutdown is illegal

[Yahoo] “Amazon’s Bezos to Face Unprecedented Protests During India Trip

[NBC] “ISIS Claims Pakistan Mosque Bombing as Death Toll Rises to 15

[CNN] “Death sentence for former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf overturned

[BBC] “Kashmir avalanches and landslides leave 62 people dead

[Washington Post] “Taiwan’s president wins second term with landslide victory over pro-Beijing rival

[New York Times] “Shanghai Suspends All Ties With Prague in Spat Over Taiwan

[Reuters] “China could flex military muscles to pressure Taiwan post-election

[New York Times] “South Korean Leader Considers Letting Its Tourists Visit North Korea

[Nikkei Asia Review] “Underground farms sprout in Seoul’s subway stations


[Reuters] “Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan deadlocked over giant Nile dam, look to Washington talks

[Reuters] “Sudan quells revolt of former spy service men after clashes

[Al Jazeera] “Ethiopia sets tentative August date for elections

Latin America

[The Gray Zone] “This might be the final episode of Juan Guaidó’s surreal Venezuela regime-change reality show

[Reuters] “Bolivia exiled ex-president Morales calls on radio for armed militias” – hell yeah comrades

[AP] “Brazil judge orders Netflix to remove film with gay Jesus

[Reuters] “Peru to deport tourists for allegedly damaging, defecating at Machu Picchu

[Reuters] “Gold bar found beneath Mexico City street was part of Moctezuma’s treasure

[Business Insider] “A volcano 40 miles outside Mexico City erupted with a massive gush of lava, spewing ash almost 20,000 feet in the air

[The Yucatan Times] “Mayan medicine in danger of extinction

North America / other

[Rolling Stone] “Trump Brags About Serving Up American Troops to Saudi Arabia for Nothing More Than Cash

  • It’s about time someone was honest about it!

[Daily Beast] “Eviction Squad Tosses Moms on Street in Ultra-Rich Bay Area

[CNN] Jeopardy wrongfully claims Church of Nativity is in Israel, not Palestine

[New York Times] “Ontario Alert Warned of a Nuclear ‘Emergency,’ Then Backed Down

[Business Insider] “Walmart is bringing robots to 650 more stores as the retailer ramps up automation in stores nationwide

[Business Insider] “The International Olympic Committee is banning athletes from making political gestures at the 2020 Games in Tokyo, and one US hammer thrower says it’s a ‘form of control’

[New York Times] “Delta Airplane Dumps Jet Fuel on Los Angeles Schools

[New York Times] “After a Measles Scare, Seattle Cracks Down on Vaccine Compliance

[SPLC] “[Alt-right goon] Augustus Invictus Charged With Kidnapping, Domestic Violence in South Carolina

[CNN] “Jail video of Jeffrey Epstein’s first apparent suicide attempt no longer exists

[Reuters] “Harvard professor Lessig sues NY Times for ‘clickbait defamation’ over Jeffrey Epstein story

[Business Insider] “Jeffrey Epstein set Elon Musk’s brother up with a girlfriend in effort to get close to the Tesla founder

[New York Post] “Top secret UFO files could cause ‘grave damage’ to national security, Navy says

[Bloomberg] “‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Author Starts VC Fund Backed by Peter Thiel


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