What are Putin’s constitutional reforms, like actually?

We keep being told what to think about the reforms and resignation, but they won’t tell us what they actually are!

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

It’s Friday so this will be a short post!

I don’t have much to say about Putin’s constitutional reform and the resignation of the Russian Federal Assembly, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

The reason I don’t have much to say about it, is there’s literally nothing to say.

I can’t find a straight answer about what Putin’s reforms are anywhere!

The universal opinion in pretty much any mainstream source I can find is that it’s an attempt by Putin to consolidate power and potentially be president for much longer.

I believe that’s certainly possible. But I don’t trust that message coming straight from the US capitalist media, especially when they don’t tell us anything about what the revisions to the constitution he’s trying to do are.

They won’t even tell us if he’s trying to change term limits in their reporting. They’re not telling us the actual policies, at all.

The closest thing I could find to explaining it was a post by Gilbert Doctorow. But he also doesn’t really explain it the way I want it to be explained, and he’s very pro-Putin, so I don’t really take that at face value either.

Doctorw writes:

The proposed constitutional reform will re-calibrate the relations between the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of the federal government. The greatest beneficiary of these changes will be the legislature, particularly the State Duma, or lower house, which will assume powers closely approximating those in a parliamentary democracy.

This is the closest formulation to what the actual reforms are. But like I said, Doctorow is a huge supporter of Putin, so I’m still skeptical about it.

Ultimately, this leads me to believe that Putin hasn’t really explained what his reforms will be. Maybe he has, but I have no reason to believe he has, since no one is repeating them.

My point is, if we don’t know what the constitutional reforms are, then we should be told that we don’t know what they are. Instead, we are told what to think about the reforms, before we even know what they are.

We should know the actual political implication of the Federal Assembly resigning, if we don’t know what the reforms are going to be.

Instead, all we get is “Putin’s bad and this is bad!” Tell me about it, and let me judge that myself!

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