Will the New Hampshire primary be as big of a shitshow as the Iowa Caucus?

In this post, I’ll break down the shitshow that was the Iowa Caucus. Then, I’ll transition to the New Hampshire primary, which is tomorrow. This primary cycle is on track to be an absolute repugnant display of “””democracy”””, and it needs to be unpacked thoroughly.

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Des Moines, Iowa

There’s a lot of different theories about what happened at the shitshow Iowa Caucus. Some people were saying the democratic party is inept and just goofed up. However, in my opinion, this is a terrible way to approach politics (I wrote a more in-depth post about this here). Sure, it may be an accident, but when there’s hundreds, thousands of political “accidents”, you have to start assuming the people with power doing those accidents might be more capable than we give them credit for. How many accidents do you have to do before you lose power?

The only way you can buy this debacle as an accident, is if you believe the DNC has no invested interest for or against any candidate, which is patently untrue. Don’t forget, Pete Buttigeig is personally responsible for DNC Chair Tom Perez holding the position. Buttigeig ran for DNC Chair, stayed in long enough to soak up support from progressive Keith Ellison, then dropped out at the last minute, letting Perez edge it out.

Also don’t forget, that Tom Perez has loaded the DNC with people who have, not just political, but personal rivalries with Bernie Sanders.

Also, don’t forget the dozens and dozens of attempts to de-legitimize Sanders in the democratic ideological apparatuses.

All of this is besides the point, however, because we now know that the Democratic Party was cooking the election results. On last Wednesday, as the results of the caucus were trickling out at a mind-numbing rate, we got this tidbit:

This is undeniable evidence that the numbers were cooked.

And it’s hard to believe any of the results knowing that they cooked a specific county this drastically.

It’s hard to over-emphasize how absolutely FUCKED this is. It speaks for itself.

Manchester, NH

This, to put it lightly, is all fishy. But we still don’t know what exactly happened. Something happened, but what?

The mainstream narrative about Iowa is that the app they used to record the votes malfunctioned. But like I mentioned earlier, why does the Democratic party and their ideological apparatuses always manage to make so many mistakes? And so many of them seem at the detriment of the Sanders campaign specifically.

Once it reaches that point, it doesn’t matter if they’re accidents or not. It’s more useful to believe these things are deliberate, because they’re consistent enough that they functionally are, and might as well be, deliberate.

I don’t want to get into the details here, but we do know there’s a lot of nefarious connections between the app that malfunctioned, Shadow, and their parent group ACRONYM. Money was exchanged between Shadow and Pete Buttigeig. ACRONYM has strong connections, on multiple levels, of to Clinton affiliates, and other people with deep ties to the democratic apparatus.

There’s so much shady shit with the Shadow app. For example, here’s a clip from Dan Patterson of CNET, who looked through the apps code, and found how shoddily assembled it is. He also says that the app is sending your voting data out to unknown IP addresses.

The one thing we do know is that everything surrounding this caucus worked to undercut any success Sanders may have had. From Buttigeig declaring himself winner before any vote were released, the media either accepting Buttigeig’s claim, or saying “even if he got second, it’s a win for him”, or the fact that Iowa slowly doled out the results to make Buttigeig look better.

And then on Thursday, when ~99% of the Iowa caucus results were finally released, and presumably, Sanders would be declared the winner, Tom Perez made a tweet, demanding that the entire Iowa Caucus be recounted:

All of these things make it look like a conspiracy. I can’t claim to know what exactly the conspiracy is. I have some ideas, but the truth is, we probably won’t ever know what happened.

No matter what those things are, it’s a sign that the democratic establishment is really scared about the Sanders campaign. And once you get past the blatant fuckery – whatever that may specifically be – you will realize this is a movement with power, because if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be a conspiracy against it.

Las Vegas, NV

So what does this mean for the New Hampshire primary tomorrow?

For one, if something similar happens to Iowa, then we know for sure that:

And it wouldn’t just be your typical rat problem of pro-democrat press lobbing grenades or the DNC doing their weird, backhanded tinkering. It would be a full-blown democracy crisis.

If a similar thing as Iowa happens in New Hampshire, you would have to be profoundly naive – not just run-of-the-mill trustful, but deeply naive. I don’t even know what happens then.

But, I think the New Hampshire primary will go off without a hitch. Because democratic party apparatuses know how bad they already look right now, and want to preserve their legitimacy before it becomes more permanently damaged.

Keep in mind the first four primaries/caucuses go: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, then South Carolina.

In terms of strategy, I think the DNC and democratic elite have already accepted that Sanders will probably win New Hampshire and Nevada. If he doesn’t, it would be pretty rough for the momentum of Sanders’ campaign.

The democratic elite were probably counting Biden as taking South Carolina, hoping that would wreck Sanders’ momentum, after winning New Hampshire and Nevada. Unfortunately for them, Sanders is now pulling head-to-head with Biden.

So, if I was a democratic operative trying to stop Sanders, I would let him have New Hampshire and Nevada. Then, he’d (presumably) lose South Carolina. But the one thing they really need, is to make sure Bernie doesn’t win Iowa, to stop the ball from really rolling.

I say all that, and yet, they still weren’t able to stop Sanders from winning Iowa. So maybe gloves are off at this point… I guess we’ll see.

Charleston, SC

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