Bloomberg whines about Bernie Bros, proving he can’t win against Trump

Democrats only know how to campaign by telling on the mean kids to the recess teacher, because they learned nothing from 2016.

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Oligarch Mini Mike released a twitter video yesterday, showcasing mean tweets that Sanders supporters have sent. Here’s the tweet:

There are so many ways to counter this video.

For one, it has nothing to do with politics. It’s just a rich, racist asshole trying to shame the Poors before all of his rich friends and self-loathing capitalism lovers.

I bet he feels so proud of himself too. “Look at how bad these Poors look! Look how much they hurt me!”

Second, democratic establishment figures are so out of touch with the working class that they don’t realize working people have a lot of rage, and they would still have that rage if Sanders didn’t exist.

They’re playing hide the ball, by reducing class politics to merely a feature of this election. But Democrats are in for a really rude awakening, if Sanders isn’t the nominee. Because that rage will no longer be limited to the quarantined realm of electoral politics, and will spread throughout society broadly. And it won’t need Sanders’ help.

I could rant on and on, but there’s something more specific about this I want to highlight.

The media and other candidates have consistently gone back to the “wahhh, Bernie Bros are mean online” well, because they have nothing else to go back to.

Now, Bloomberg is picking up the mantle to be the main purveyor of this tactic.

But I don’t know why this is the tactic. It’s a shitty ass tactic.

The reason is, this tactic won’t work, as soon as the primary ends. Every campaign except for Sanders’ is doing campaign techniques that only work on diehard democrats.

All they’re doing, to the extent that it’s seemingly all they can consistently do, is whining to the recess teacher about how mean the other kids are.

Democrats eat this shit up. Democrats love whining about civility. They love shaming people for being uncouth. They love feeling a culturally and socially superior high ground.

This style of campaigning is tailor-made for diehard democrats on twitter and watching cable news… and no one else. People who aren’t integrated into that world don’t give a shit. It has the energy of a teenage boy complaining to his mom and her friends about guild drama in World of Warcraft.

In fact, it’s the same type of failing campaign techniques used by Clinton against Trump. We now know it doesn’t work. So why do they keep trying it?

The Democratic Party is deeply out of touch with the American electorate. We know this because they only know how to market themselves to the increasingly small amount of people obsessed with civility politics. And the only way Democrats know how to market themselves to everyone outside that group, is to shame them.

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