Underground Mall will have an attached podcast: The Society Show

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

I will be rebooting the podcast “The Society Show”. Originally, I made 4 episodes of it, where I took clips from other podcasts, shows, interviews, etc, and inserted sound drops for comical effect.

However, that took a lot of work, so I stopped it.

But now, I’m reworking the podcast, and expect the new version to go up either by Tuesday morning or by Wednesday morning.

The premise of the podcast is I take news stories, oftentimes ones that are in the newsletters. They’re stories I’d like to write about here, but don’t have enough time, or enough to say to make a full post. I go through them and give basic info, extrapolating on them.

All of these stories are, for the most part, stories that escaped mainstream discourse. I also want to focus on international stories.

The show is absolutely loaded with sound drops as well. I like to think of it as if Democracy Now had morning zoo style sound drops. I think people will like it!

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