Underground Mall Newsletter: 2020-02-27

Catching you up on the news around the world! This week, everything you need to know about the continuing impact of coronavirus, the failing economy, Malaysian PM’s resignation, news from Germany, and much more.


[Yahoo] “Stock market news live: Wall Street dives on coronavirus panic, stocks have worst day in 2 years

[NBC News] “Dow closes down 1,000 points as coronavirus fears slam Wall Street

  • They keep blaming the coronavirus, and that’s part of it, but even the most casual follower of finance news knew this would be imminent.

Election 2020

[The Hill] “Vandals strike Sanders office in Seattle

[The Verge] “Twitter suspends 70 pro-Michael Bloomberg accounts for ‘platform manipulation’

[Al Jazeera] “A Bernie Sanders presidency could be a nightmare for Saudi Arabia” – oh hell yeah

South / SE Asia

[BBC] “Mahathir Mohamad: Malaysian prime minister in shock resignation

[Reuters] “Malaysia’s Mahathir quits but asked to stay as interim PM, turmoil deepens

[Yahoo] “Malaysia Political Upheaval Ends World’s Longest Equity Bull Run

[CNN] “Malaysian politics has been plunged into chaos, it may take a long time to recover

[CNN] “24 dead, at least 188 injured in New Delhi clashes amid Trump’s visit

  • People are protesting both for and against Modi’s new ethnonationalist citizenship laws.

[Reuters] “Banned [center-left] Thai opposition party says junta helped 1MDB cover-up

[Al Jazeera] “Bangladesh factories ordered shut to save Dhaka’s river


[Reuters] “Concern over coronavirus spread as cases jump in South Korea, Italy and Iran

[AP] “Iran says 12 dead from new virus, rejects higher death toll

[NPR] “Coronavirus Spikes In Italy, With 229 Confirmed Cases And 6 Deaths

[Reuters] “Italy’s coronavirus outbreak spreads south, death toll rises

[Hypebeast] “Seoul Fashion Week FW20 Canceled as Coronavirus Cases Rise

[NY Mag] “The Coronavirus Is Already Affecting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

[Marketwatch] “Casino stocks fall as COVID-19 worries spread

[Quartz] “Kashmiri evacuees from Wuhan face a different lockdown after fleeing the coronavirus

South America

[Salon] “Fringe religious party gains power in crisis-stricken Peru” – The party, Agricultural People’s Front of Peru, represents a mixture of theocratic, evangelical, social conservatism with some elements of Maoist agrarianism.

[France 24] “Peru recovers priceless Inca manuscript stolen during occupation


[New York Times] “Berlin Starts Controversial [to landlords] Rent Freeze on 1.5 Million Homes

[CNN] “Car ‘intentionally’ plows into carnival crowd in Germany

[Reuters] “Germany tightens carnival security after driver with ‘dead’ expression injures 61

[BBC] “Hamburg election: Merkel party ‘slumps as Greens surge’

[Reuters] “Hungarians march to protest PM Orban’s anti-Roma campaign

Middle East

[CNN] “Israel and Palestinian militants exchange fire as graphic video of Israeli bulldozer carrying a body goes viral

[Reuters] “Hezbollah says it opposes IMF management of Lebanon crisis” – same

[New York Times] “Earthquake in Iran Kills at Least 9 in Neighboring Turkey

North America

[Yahoo] “Canada warns indigenous rail blockades could cripple economy

[New York Times] “Police Move to Clear Canada Rail Blockade by Indigenous People

[Daily Herald] “Canadian police clear indigenous protest, tensions remain

[CNBC] “The ultra-rich are investing in companies trying to reverse aging. Is it going to work?

[New York Times] “Haiti Police Exchange Fire With Troops Near National Palace

[New York Times] “Soldier in Haiti Dies After Exchange of Gunfire With Protesting Police

[The Guardian] “Starbucks worker says he was fired for union organizing and ‘to create fear’

[The Verge] “Amazon is expanding its cashierless Go model into a full-blown grocery store

[Philadelphia Inquirer] “South Philadelphia to become site of nation’s first supervised-injection facility next week, organizers say


[NPR] “South Sudan Forges Unity Government, Renewing Fragile Hope For Peace

[Quartz] “The world’s largest rubber company is being blamed again for pollution in a Liberian river

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