Underground Mall Newsletter: 2020-03-12

Get caught up on news around the world! Erik Prince in the news for a couple reasons, Saudi Arabia and Russia oil feud, Ethiopian dam, protests in Latin America, and more!

North America

[Business Insider] “A Pentagon linguist is accused of giving up the names of US spies to her crush with ties to Iran’s Hezbollah militant group

[New York Times] “Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups

[Buzzfeed News] “Another Immigrant Has Died In ICE Custody. She’s The Eighth Since October.

[New York Times] “Blackwater Founder Prince’s Company Enters Congo Insurance Industry

[CNBC] “Google tells more than 100,000 North American employees to stay home amid coronavirus fears

Middle East

[Yahoo] “Saudis Escalate Price War With Huge Output Hike, Russia Follows

[Reuters] “Saudi Arabia extends pilgrimage suspension to its own citizens

[The Hill] “Palestinian president declares state of emergency due to coronavirus

[NPR] “Russia And Turkey Agree To Syria Cease-Fire, But Idlib’s Agony Is Far From Over

[Al Jazeera] “The leading royals targeted in Saudi Arabia’s sweeping crackdown


[Al Jazeera] “Ethiopia: US being ‘undiplomatic’ over Nile dam project

[AP] “Ethiopia report blames jet crash mostly on Boeing software

[Quartz] “Nigeria is already dealing with a deadlier viral outbreak than the coronavirus epidemic

Southeast Asia

[Reuters] “Malaysia’s palace denies ‘royal coup’ in appointing new PM

[New York Times] “Dutch King Apologizes for Colonial Killings in Indonesia

Latin America

[Washington Post] “Tens of thousands of Mexican women protest ‘femicide,’ gender-based violence

[France 24] “Clashes as thousands protest violence against women in Chile

[CNN] “Brazil lashed by heavy rains, leaving at least 32 dead

[France 24] “Guatemala find reveals early Mayan writing


[The Guardian] “Government majority cut as almost 40 Tories rebel over Huawei

[Al Jazeera] “Germany’s Merkel meets Libyan military commander Haftar


[The Verge] “Facebook is suing a domain registrar for selling deceptive web addresses

[Daily Mail] “Researchers in Antarctica uncover a thriving ecosystem of microbial life in an underground lake 2,600 feet below the surface, hinting at how life might have evolved on Earth

[New York Post] “Feds find smuggled gun in Manhattan prison where Jeffrey Epstein died

[USA Today] “Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones charged with DWI in Texas, authorities say

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