The Society Show: Episode 3 – COVID-19, Saudi-Russia oil war, Erik Prince is a bastard, Alex Jones DWI

Listen to the new episode of “The Society Show with Christian Patterson”.

The Society Show with Christian Patterson, bringing you international news you may have missed, mixed with a barrage of soundboard clips, and Marxist propaganda.

There are some (very minor) audio issues, mostly because I struggle holding my microphone in the same place, in relation to my mouth. I think I fixed most of it in editing though!.

On today’s episode:

  • COVID-19
  • Elon Musk downplays virus for profit
  • Israel uses virus as excuse to spy
  • Amazon profits as the rest of us suffer
  • Saudis wage oil war against Russia
  • Erik Prince of Blackwater doing evil stuff
  • Alex Jones arrested for DWI
  • US and China in a media war
  • Greenland and Antarctica melting fast
  • Japanese Neonazi sentenced to death
  • Gas explosion in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Ancient Maya city found on Mexican farm
  • Ghislaine Maxwell sues Epstein’s estate

Available on:

Pocket Casts

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