The Society Show: Episode 4 – Mashpee Wampanoag, Hungarian museums, labor walkouts, COVID-19 imperialism

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

The Society Show with Christian Patterson, bringing you international news you may have missed, mixed with a barrage of soundboard clips, and Marxist propaganda.

In this episode:

  • Trump threatens to disestablish Mashpee Wampanoag tribe
  • Viktor Orban becomes dictator of Hungary, advances nationalist museum project
  • Labor walkouts at Amazon, Whole Foods, Instacart and more
  • The US cynically uses COVID-19 for Imperialist antagonism against Venezuela and Iran
  • Jeff Epstein was best buds with Harvey Weinstein
  • ISIS members escape in prison riot
  • Hamas arrests Israeli spies
  • The drumbeat of Saudi-Russia oil war continues
  • Gun ownership soars in Brazil
  • Guns are critical infrastructure to the US
  • Capitalist parasite Peter Thiel funds CDC’s COVID-19 app
  • German finance minister commits suicide
  • Eight people killed in Filipino aircraft carrying medical supplies
  • Hezbollah takes on coronavirus
  • Syrian refugees afraid to get tested because of chance of deportation
  • Libyan Civil War continues (thanks Obama)
  • Toronto institutes major social distancing fines

All of this and much, much more on… The Society Show!

Available on:

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