Democrats presuppose Biden’s better than Trump but I don’t buy it

Democrats just say it like it’s true, but as far as I can tell, they’re functionally the same. Biden’s made it clear he won’t fight for the negligible policy differences he has from Trump anyway.

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Biden supporters try to convince people to vote for him entirely on the presupposition that “Biden is still better than Trump,” but frankly, I haven’t seen evidence to back that up, and I believe he’s just as bad as Trump.

Sure, Biden may ~deep down~ be slightly left to Trump on some issues (even still, those things are negligible), but he absolutely WILL NOT fight for any of those things. I frankly can only picture a world where the US is more right-wing and oppressive after both candidates.

Biden has said it himself. He’s told progressives not to vote for him. He’s told latinos to vote for Trump when asked about his deportation policy. He’s told environmentalists to vote for Trump. It’s not about spiting Biden, he’s just being frank about what he stands for.

Not only that, but Biden has STATED he would be more of a warhawk than Trump. He’s already saber rattling about North Korea. He’s trying to out-xenophobia Trump re: China. Of course, I’m not convinced Trump would be better, but on some issues I think Biden would be worse.

Biden has also said he probably wouldn’t end the sanctions on Iran either, even during the coronavirus. I said this on twitter before primary voting started, and it seems even more true now: if Sanders didn’t become president, I believe a war with Iran is imminent.

Biden also won’t close the concentration camps at the border. He never claimed he would, and why would he, since his administration started them?

If I could feel reasonably convinced Biden would ABSOLUTELY fight for at least 2 or 3 progressive issues, I would strongly consider voting for him. But as far as I’m concerned now, anyone who believes he will do that is a gullible nerd. He hasn’t indicated he will at all.

I would even consider voting for Biden if I felt confident he would REVERSE some of Trump’s policies. The only thing I could see him doing is rejoining the Paris Accord, which is just back-patting lip service.

Take a step back: Biden has run for president three times. The first time in 1988, when he was probably most desirable as a potential candidate, he was ridiculed out of the race for being a plagiarist. In 2008, he similarly polled like dogshit. In 2020, he did absolutely horrible until the media apparatus and democratic operatives did their thing.

The first time Joe Biden EVER got higher than fourth place in a primary was the 2020 South Carolina primary, which is all the media apparatus and democratic operatives needed to shove him down our throats.

The only argument that is semi-convincing is the Supreme Court. But I’m not even convinced Biden would nominate a left-wing justice! Two conservative justices (Thomas and Scalia) are/were largely on the Supreme Court because of Biden!

I’m not trying to be antagonistic with this post either. I know my vote, and all of our votes, are largely irrelevant. If Biden loses, it won’t be because I voted or not. But I really don’t buy the argument that Biden would be better than Trump. He may be, but I don’t buy it.

The reality is, the ways that Joe Biden is better than Trump (there are very few), he’s negligibly better. And besides, he certainly won’t put any effort into creating his vision of the world, so I don’t think there will be a difference. I think if Joe Biden becomes president, nothing will change.

Remember the liberal talking point around the time Trump was elected, they’d say “you think Trump’s bad? The next Trump will be smarter, and worse.” Well, Democrats already mulled over the idea of doing that themselves with Michael Bloomberg. And now, they’ve nominated Biden, who is not “Trump but smarter and worse”. BUT, Biden will keep things the same. And the same will certainly lead to republicans nominating a smarter and worse Trump.

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