The Society Show Episode 6: Nova Scotia spree shooting, #icecreamgate, nazi tech overlords, neocon Cold War with China

The Society Show with Christian Patterson, bringing you international news you may have missed, mixed with a barrage of soundboard clips, and Marxist propaganda.

In this episode:

  • A domestic abuser denturist went on a killing spree in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has dubious ties to One Percent Pelosi and Creepy Joe, as well as indirect ties to Epstein
  • The CEO of the surveillance company Banjo was in a neonazi group and committed a hate crime
  • Washington Post columnist and neocon launders unhinged conspiracies into the mainstream, to instigate war with China
  • Trump threatens Iran in their own gulf, as they develop residential infrastructure on Persian Gulf islands
  • Libyan warlord Haftar loses ground, further fueling the conflict between Turkey and the UAE
  • Sunnis withdraw from the majority government in Iraq, further cleaving sectarian tensions caused by US imperialism
  • Explosion at bank in southern Lebanon
  • Germany declares Hezbollah a terrorist organization after pressure from US and Israel
  • France and Germany feud with Silicon Valley over coronavirus
  • An armed man in Ghana impersonates Canadian military
  • Police in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have arrested Ne Muanda Nsemi, the claimed prophet and leader of the separatist religious sect called Bundu dia Kongo
  • India arrested a Kashmiri woman for sharing a photo of another woman whose husband was killed by Indian forces
  • Sergio Moro resigns as Bolsonaro’s Justice Minister as American media pushes him as their preferred successor
  • Kim Jong-Un is alive, seen at manure factory
  • Amazon steals proprietary data from third-party vendors
  • TikTok considers a reality show
  • Frogs used to live in Antarctica
  • An anti-union lobbyist warns capitalist buddies that people want to union badly
  • Harvard professor who helped rehabilitate Jeff Epstein put on administrative leave
  • Chris Cuomo faked his coronavirus?

All of this and much, much more on… The Society Show!

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