Society Show Episode 7: Attempted Venezuela raid, ISIS in Afghanistan, Libyan War Report

The Society Show with Christian Patterson, bringing you international news you may have missed, mixed with a barrage of soundboard clips, and Marxist propaganda.

In this episode:

– An American private military company attempted, and failed, a raid of Venezuela with dissidents

– ISIS claims 2 terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, but government blames Taliban

– The Libyan Civil War heats up into a proxy war

– CODECO, the Lendu ethnicity militia in the jungles of Congo

– ISIS affiliates fight for control of Mozambique

– Ethiopia considers appointing technocratic government

–  Coups in Sudan

– Settler violence against Palestinians increases under coronavirus

– 9 police officers were killed in Syria, likely linked to Civil War-related violence

– Inflation grows in Iran, leading to currency shake-up

– Garment industry in Bangladesh reopens, putting third world workers at great risk

– South Korea sees homophobic backlash after COVID spreads in gay night clubs

– Brawl in Hong Kong legislature

– Donald Trump’s choice for Director National Intelligence is into QAnon

– US refuses to help international COVID vaccine research

– Saudi Arabia triples taxes

– Navajo Nation has more COVID cases per capita than anywhere in US

– Tim Horton’s, and coffee shops in East Asia

– And much much more!

Available on:

Pocket Casts

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