Society Show Episode 9: The Police State, Dystopia

The Society Show with Christian Patterson, bringing you international news you may have missed, mixed with a barrage of soundboard clips, and Marxist propaganda.

In this episode:

  • We’re living in a police state
  • George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, ┬áRegis Korchinski-Paquet
  • Egregious deaths in ICE camps
  • Protests everywhere
  • Police brutality everywhere
  • Follow-up on Jacob Wohl interview
  • Singapore sentenced man to death for drug charges over Zoom call
  • A former NBC executive who went on to found fake news site now is bigwig at Epoch Times
  • Erik Prince sues the Intercept after they allege he’s sending mercs to the Russian Wagner Group PMC
  • Peter Thiel’s Palantir threatens to move to somewhere without ‘monoculture’… like Colorado or New Hampshire
  • Amazon sends propaganda video packages to local news
  • Trump intends to bypass congress and send weapons to Saudi Arabia
  • Israel is now about two months away from potentially annexing part of the West Bank
  • Brazil, particularly Sao Paulo, destroyed by coronavirus, yet lockdown is still ending
  • Turkey arrested a man for flying a union jack on national liberation holiday
  • Malaysia’s former PM Mahathir Mohamad expelled from party he created
  • Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party slowly losing support
  • Serbian president gave dystopian speech

Available on:

Pocket Casts

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