On cops and the history of law enforcement

Civilization began when a dominant class controlled surplus resources, and forced a repressed under class to work. When that class dynamic is created, law enforcement was created to dominate the under class. We are part of this centuries long class struggle.

Christian Patterson
Underground Mall

Civilization was created when society invented class structures, and law enforcement was created when those class structures were invented.

The first civilization (as we understand civilization to mean), likely, was Sumeria. Sumeria was able to develop a sedentary society, because they developed primitive agriculture, due to settling along the fertile valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates.

Since the Sumerians developed agriculture, they were able to produce surplus resources. Since they had surplus resources, they could sustain a larger workforce.

So, Sumerians went up into the hills, and imprisoned nomads and hunter-gatherers to take as slaves. This dynamic — surplus resources controlled by the dominant class, to sustain an oppressed working class — is the foundation of all class-based societies.

For primitive slave societies like the Sumerians, LAW ENFORCEMENT were the MASTERS who forced the enslaved underclass to work.

Similarly, cops under a capitalist economy exist to protect, reinforce, and replicate a capitalist class society.

All societies sustain themselves by both a repressive state apparatus and ideological state apparatuses. The dominant class of the Aztecs and Mayas retained power through repression (imprisoning enemies and peasants for compulsory labor) and ideology (shamans and priests)

Under capitalist societies, our repressive apparatuses are primarily law enforcement, but also of course, the military, etc. Our ideological apparatuses are the media, schools, social clubs, families etc.
The function of law enforcement is to repress the working class. Cops literally exist as security guards for the capitalist class. This isn’t an esoteric thing, this is foundational understanding of what makes a society, and how classes function.

You may be thinking “But what about murders and rapes? Cops deal with that!”. Those types of things aren’t inherent duties to law enforcement. Let me go back to feudal times to make the point:

In feudal times, the job of a coroner was created. Coroners, back then, were basically detectives. They had rudimentary tools, so the roles were combined. Feudal coroners would do rudimentary biological investigations, and attempt to solve crimes from that information.

HOWEVER, coroners were completely disconnected from law enforcement. Coroners weren’t affiliated with the militias of Lords who oppressed the serfs and peasants.

In other words, detective work has historically been completely divorced from law enforcement.

When I talk about cops, I’m not talking about detectives and investigators of truly egregious crimes. Cops are the people who lurk the streets, menacing, harassing, instigating, and provoking common people.

Cops don’t protect and serve US, they protect (private property) and serve (the capitalist class). They see you as a zombie mob. The role of cops is to systematically keep you from rising up against the over class.

Would Sumerian slaves be justified in seizing the barely he works from his master? Would an Aztec slave be justified in seizing the corn he works for his master? Would feudal peasants be justified in seizing the wheat they work from their lords and vassals? Would an American slave be justified seizing the cotton they work?

It is 2020, and we are the common workers and laborers, who built and maintain this society. If we all stopped working our society would collapse. YOUR – yes YOU – YOUR labor is the foundation of, not only our civilization, but all of human history.

And the only thing standing between us, the common worker, from seizing the fruits of our labor from the cowardly capitalist class is the COPS.

Understand your role in society and history.

Your predecessors spilled their sweat building our society, and they spilled their blood fighting for liberation. The Sumerian peasants revolted for reform. Athenians and Romans revolted for democracy. Samaratians revolted against the Byzantines. Berbers revolted against the Umayyads. Countless peasant revolts. Slave revolts. General strikes.

All of those people resisted law enforcement to make sure working people of the future were less oppressed than they were.

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