The Society Show Episode 10: history of law enforcement, Argentina spied on press, Libyan War Report

The Society Show with Christian Patterson, bringing you international news you may have missed, mixed with a barrage of soundboard clips, and propaganda.

On today’s episode:

  • The history of law enforcement, all the way back to the beginning of civilization, with the Sumerians and Mayas
  • CHAZ – Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone / CHOP – Capitol Hill Occupied Protest
  • Cops cancelled! (the show)
  • Philadelphia police stands in solidarity with alleged assailant and coworker: Joey Balogna
  • Columbus, King Leopold II, and Louis XVI statues go bye-bye!
  • the Libyan Civil War report
  • former friend of the US, Argentinian president Macri accused of spying on 400 journalists
  • North and South Korea feud over propaganda pamphlet balloons
  • Indian forces killed nine rebels, leads to protests
  • Iran sentences spy for CIA and Mossad to death
  • Riots and protests in Lebanon
  • The EU set to file antitrust laws against Amazon
  • QAnon follower set to become a member of congress
  • Prince Andrew wanted by Feds regarding Jeffrey Epstein

All of that and much more, this is the Society Show!

Available on:

Pocket Casts

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