Underground Mall Newsletter: 2019-11-28 – Thanksgiving edition!

Happy thanksgiving to you all!

In case you want to read some news on Thanksgiving (you probably don't!), I've compiled some news that has interested me the most this week.

One thing to note ahead of time: a blindspot I have in this newsletter is the fact that Netanyahu was indicted. I have read a bit about it, but Israeli politics seem very complex, and I don't quite understand it. It seems like there are many things that could potentially happen, so until it becomes clearer, and I learn more, I don't think I have the capacity to rightfully cover his indictment.

We don’t need capitalism to have managerial or administrative duties

One argument I've seen against communism online revolves around arguing in favor of "managerial labor" - implying that under a communist system, that type of labor will no longer exist. A pithy expression of this argument is "someone has to write the checks!".

But, managerial labor is different than owning capital. In very small businesses, the owner is the manager, but there's nothing necessary about owning capital to then do managerial duties, and there's nothing necessary about being a manager that involves owning capital.

ISIS is recruiting foreign domestic servants in Hong Kong and Singapore

Recruiting Indonesian domestic workers abroad might seem like a strange choice, but will likely become a larger trend, as rich countries continue to import low-cost labor from poor countries.

Foreign workers are becoming increasingly important to countries with a small, rich domestic population. These workers are proletarian, just as any other worker, but usually, their labor is exploited even more than native national labor. Sometimes, this is under-the-table exploitation of migrant workers, and sometimes it's written into codified labor laws. This means that as this class of people continues to grow, it will become a more globally, politically important class.