The CIA propaganda in Jack Ryan

You only need to watch an episode of Jack Ryan to get a revealing glimpse into the CIA's propaganda agenda.

What the show attempts to do is complicate and muddy real-life geopolitics. It describes the Venezuela government as a right-wing government, but portrays it as a left-wing government in some other ways.

The China-resentment of American movie snobs

Gamers are starting to blame China more for their consumerist gripes, but movie fans started it.

Whenever a bad movie does well in China, the American press sneers at China for their shit taste, but whenever a bad movie doesn't do well in China, it is either under-reported and ignored, or, in fact, also turned against China.

Americans notice that Hollywood movies are getting dumber and worse, and the easiest connection to make is to the increased input from China in Hollywood. In reality, they're both symptoms of a bigger problem: Hollywood is the global hegemonic film center, and it is always, constantly profit-seeking.