Peronists seize power again in Argentina

Peronism historically has both fascistic and left-wing elements. But it's also highly contradictory and inconsistent. Kirchnerists - left-wing Peronists - are back in power. What does this entail?

In this post, I will give a brief history of the Argentinian political ideology peronism. I will make several points in favor, and against peronism. Ultimately, I'm glad the left-wing peronists are back in power, but I have reservations. If my post seems wishy-washy, I don't think peronism can be properly understood without nuance.

China leases port to Macau, a new form of statecraft

Will the future of nation-states entail strategic border changes between semi-autonomous "countries" within larger countries?

Macau represents a strange, semi-corporate, semi-state entity. This is expressed in its strange boundaries, which include a small, densely populated peninsula, and several islands that are now connected through land reclamation, and bits of leased land on the nearby Hengqin New Area (which in itself is a series of islands connected by reclaimed land).