Underground Mall will have an attached podcast: The Society Show

Coming either tomorrow or Wednesday...

The premise of the podcast is I take news stories, oftentimes ones that are in the Underground Mall newsletters. They're stories I'd like to write about here, but don't have enough time, or enough to say to make a full post. I go through them and give basic info, extrapolating on them.

All of these stories are, for the most part, stories that escaped mainstream discourse. I also want to focus on international stories.

The show is absolutely loaded with sound drops as well. I like to think of it as if Democracy Now had morning zoo style sound drops. I think people will like it!

The Society Show with Christian Patterson Episode 3

Christian Patterson2019-05-26Underground Mall The third episode of my podcast "The Society Show" is now available on many platforms. I will link to those below. For those who haven't listened before, it's not a conventional podcast. It's where I take clips from other podcasts, interviews, tv shows, etc, and insert morning zoo style sound drops, free … Continue reading The Society Show with Christian Patterson Episode 3