How would different currencies effect capitalism?

Capitalism depends on two values that share a currency: money and capital. Money is liquid currency that freely flows through the economy. Capital is money that has been invested, in order to generate profit.

Under capitalism, people have private property. Private property enables the capitalist class to extract surplus value from the workers. The way they do this is under-compensating their workers. They pay them less in wages than the workers generate in value. The surplus is called profit.

But what if profit was in the form of a currency that was completely divorced from the currency that wages are paid?

The Commodification of Commodities in the Consumer Goods Sector

Christian Patterson 2019-01-24 Underground Mall One of the keys to understanding Marx is understanding commodity. It's no coincidence that Marx opens Das Kapital dissecting the idea of commodity. It's also no coincidence that anti-Marxists don't often talk about Marx's commodity analysis, and subsequently have a terrible understanding of Marxism. In this post, I'll first analyze … Continue reading The Commodification of Commodities in the Consumer Goods Sector