The American middle class revolt against the Capitalist class’s mixed messages on China

American corporations, like the NBA and Blizzard, tell us on one hand that China is evil, but on the other hand, they do business with China. However, when the political and economic converge, the American Middle Class lashes out at the mixed messages.

Americans are struggling with cultural stuff regarding China, because they're realizing how much a world power China now is. But that genie has been out of the bottle for 20+ years, and there's no going back. The only ways to go back is something like going all in on the trade war with China, but that in and of itself would completely shift the global economic landscape.

Even then, China still has enough autonomy that the US definitely can't stop China's growth, and intensifying the China trade war would cut the US out of the biggest source of capital flow, which most American capitalist don't want. Some want the trade war to tip minor things in their favor, but none want to be removed from their overall trading position with China.

The Commodification of Commodities in the Consumer Goods Sector

Christian Patterson 2019-01-24 Underground Mall One of the keys to understanding Marx is understanding commodity. It's no coincidence that Marx opens Das Kapital dissecting the idea of commodity. It's also no coincidence that anti-Marxists don't often talk about Marx's commodity analysis, and subsequently have a terrible understanding of Marxism. In this post, I'll first analyze … Continue reading The Commodification of Commodities in the Consumer Goods Sector