Utopian Urbanism: a city with multiple grades of travel

In this post, I will reconcile the tension between the fact that method of travel informs an urban space, and the fact that so many methods of travel are the result of historical happenstance.

I will propose a method of urban transportation that's heavily modular, so the modes of travel develop in line with technology. That way, there can be several grades or planes, that all have different modes of transportation, and they can be replaced by different modes easily, if needed.

ISIS is recruiting foreign domestic servants in Hong Kong and Singapore

Recruiting Indonesian domestic workers abroad might seem like a strange choice, but will likely become a larger trend, as rich countries continue to import low-cost labor from poor countries.

Foreign workers are becoming increasingly important to countries with a small, rich domestic population. These workers are proletarian, just as any other worker, but usually, their labor is exploited even more than native national labor. Sometimes, this is under-the-table exploitation of migrant workers, and sometimes it's written into codified labor laws. This means that as this class of people continues to grow, it will become a more globally, politically important class.