ISIS is recruiting foreign domestic servants in Hong Kong and Singapore

Recruiting Indonesian domestic workers abroad might seem like a strange choice, but will likely become a larger trend, as rich countries continue to import low-cost labor from poor countries.

Foreign workers are becoming increasingly important to countries with a small, rich domestic population. These workers are proletarian, just as any other worker, but usually, their labor is exploited even more than native national labor. Sometimes, this is under-the-table exploitation of migrant workers, and sometimes it's written into codified labor laws. This means that as this class of people continues to grow, it will become a more globally, politically important class.

The Missionary killed by the Sentinelese IS a tragedy

Christian Patterson 2018-12-19 Underground Mall He may have been an Imperialist, and deserved what he got. But something can still be a Tragedy, all things considered. Ever since that story came out about American Missionary John Allen Chau was killed by the the Sentinelese tribe on an island territory of India, I have seen many … Continue reading The Missionary killed by the Sentinelese IS a tragedy