Support Morales in Bolivia against disingenuous right-wing protests!

Not all protests are creating equally.

The protests in Bolivia are being presented by the American press as part of the broader global protests. I've seen more about Bolivia than Ecuador in the American press, for example. And I've seen way more American political figures praise the Bolivian protests than, say Ecuador and Chile.

There is a reason for this. The protester's agenda complements US policy more than Morales' agenda. International reactions to protests aren't cryptic or coincidental. When the US tells you what they want, believe them! Then, consider why the US wants that.

Why Communism is not idealistic

Christian Patterson 2018-11-25 Underground Mall Traditionally, the "communism/socialism/any-social-programs are too idealistic" argument has been reserved for the right-wing pedantic know-it-alls who think supporting the status quo is the "galaxy brain" position. However, as common right-wing sentiment has both moved further right, and became more commonplace, this same sentiment is now echoed by a lot of … Continue reading Why Communism is not idealistic