Listen to Matt Binder interview Jhanisse V Daza on his podcast DOOMED

Matt Binder interviewed the most visible, vocal Bolivian coup advocate in the western media. It was not only one of the most interesting podcast episodes I've heard on the Bolivian coup, but the most interesting podcast in general I've heard in awhile (and I listen to podcasts constantly).

Binder eased her into a friendly debate, being very polite, and letting her talk a lot more than you'd expect. But it's a slow burn, and the latter half involves him taking her to task for her employment with the right-wing, imperialist organization Human Rights Watch, the fact that her great grandfather led a previous coup in Bolivia, the fact that her wikipedia page was created and entirely written by one person a couple weeks before the coup, the fact that her nominally left-wing organization has been co-opted by the right-wing, and much more.

The Society Show with Christian Patterson Episode 3

Christian Patterson2019-05-26Underground Mall The third episode of my podcast "The Society Show" is now available on many platforms. I will link to those below. For those who haven't listened before, it's not a conventional podcast. It's where I take clips from other podcasts, interviews, tv shows, etc, and insert morning zoo style sound drops, free … Continue reading The Society Show with Christian Patterson Episode 3

Podcast: “The Society Show with Christian Patterson” Episode 1

Hey everyone, announcement here: I started a podcast! I'm calling it a podcast because it's planned to be an episodic, audio project, but it isn't a conventional podcast. The project is taking clips from news, other podcasts, etc, and then utilizing my soundboard by chopping up the clip and adding in sound bites. For me, … Continue reading Podcast: “The Society Show with Christian Patterson” Episode 1